What is the secret of the Mother River River?Tang Seng Bajie can get pregnant, and Sun Wukong and the sand monk will not?

(Snail See the West Journey No. 1797)

Text/Take Snail Stalk

In the Journey to the West, the team’s team passed through the mother river and thirsty, and then everyone scooped a bowl of water to drink, but in the end, the Tang monk and Ba Jie were pregnant, but the sand monk and Sun Wukong were fine.

In the movie "Daughter Country", the sand monk was also pregnant, and only Sun Wukong was not pregnant.

So, in the original book, why did you write about Tang Seng and Bajie’s pregnancy without writing the sand monk and Goku?What is the meaning?

It stands to reason that it is also a man, no matter which person drinks the water of the child’s river, he will not get pregnant, but as the snails say in the previous articles, the Journey to the West is different.It has a deep meaning, which is related to the cultivation of mind and cultivation, depending on whether you understand it.

Many people don’t understand what’s going on.Teacher Ji Lianhai put forward a point of view. As for whether there is any reason, I believe that readers will judge itself, or it depends on you or not.

Teacher Ji believes that only Tang Seng and Bajie can get pregnant, mainly because they are combined with yin and yang.

Judging from the original description, Tang Seng looks like the Jizo King Bodhisattva.In Buddhism, the Tibetan king is a Bolmen woman and a female body.The monk of the man was written as the Bodhisattva of the Tibetan King, which implies that we have both yin and yang.

Teacher Ji is not nonsense. Tang Seng does have a lot of women’s characteristics, such as indecisiveness, such as crying and crying.Whether in Japan, South Korea, or even the new Journey to the West in Australia, Tang Seng is a woman.

Therefore, it is really reasonable to say that Tang Seng can be pregnant with yin and yang.

However, how can the ugly pig Bajie be a female body?

Teacher Ji believes that when the pig Bajie was in the heavenly court, he was Marshal Tiandeng, and he was indeed a man. However, when he was sent off the heaven, he fell into the pigpen, drilled into a sow’s body and then came out.Bite the sows and pigs.Therefore, he was not born of sow, but grabbed the pig body.Therefore, he also has both yin and yang.

Does this statement make sense?Why do snails think they are far -fetched?Pig Bajie said that he is a man and likes a woman. It is unlikely that it is both yin and yang.So why can he get pregnant?The main reason is that his belly is too big, like a pregnant woman, saying that he can get pregnant after drinking the water of his mother -in -law, which is happy.

So why did Sand Seng and Goku be pregnant?Mainly when Ruyi Zhenxian grabbed the water of the fetal spring, they needed to go to them. Sun Wukong couldn’t.

In addition, some people push from the five elements. The five elements of Sun Wukong and the sand monk cannot be pregnant. This is more complicated. Interested friends, or to know more readers, leave a message and discuss.

What is the true identity of Tang Seng?Go to the "Snail Journey to the West" public account, you can see the 191 issue of the article "Why is the Tang monk’s previous life called Jin Chanzi?"It turned out to be a reincarnation?"

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