What is the relationship between folic acid and hypertension?Why do some patients need to eat, some do not need?

Previously, a patient with hypertension came to review. When the pressure was prescribed, I prescribed folic acid. He didn’t care when he took the medicine. He thought it was a antihypertensive medicine, but when he returned home, he knew that there was still folic acid.Others, but others did not eat.He thought that the doctor was wrong. Isn’t folic acid need to eat? What does it have to do with hypertension?With this idea, he didn’t eat folic acid.

But when I came to review afterwards, his blood pressure was higher than before. Under the inquiry, he remembered that he had opened folic acid at the time. He told me that he was wrong and did not eat it, but I told him that it was not wrong.His situation needs to be supplemented with folic acid.After listening to the answer, he still couldn’t touch it and didn’t know why.What is the relationship between folic acid and hypertension?Why do some patients with hypertension need to eat, and some do not need?How to add?Let’s talk about the reason after reading it. After reading it, you will know the reason. If you need to add, it is recommended to make up in time.

What is the relationship between folic acid and hypertension?

Many people know that eating folic acid for pregnancy or pregnancy is conducive to the health of the fetus. Some friends may know that if it is lacking in the human body, it is easy to cause anemia. Proper supplement is conducive to relieving.It seems that from the perspective of these two aspects, it has nothing to do with hypertension, but it has something to do.

There is a relationship between the two, but it is not just this direction. For some patients with hypertension, the reason why folic acid needs to be supplemented is related to a substance called is cysteine in the body.The risk of strokes of hypertension in my country is relatively high. The high level of material is a factor that cannot be ignored. Its level has risen, its impact on blood vessels is relatively large, and it is easy to increase risks.

What does it have to do with folic acid?To put it simply, it is the relationship between "you are strong" and lack of folic acid, it is easy to rise, not only is it not conducive to the control of blood pressure, but also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Seeing this, everyone must know why there is a relationship between the two and what is the relationship between the two.

So why do some patients need to make up and some do not use?

For the situation mentioned above, we call it "H -type". It is necessary to add such hypertensive people. Proper supplements can help reduce this material level, which will help reduce risk and better.Control blood pressure.For such patients, taking antihypertensive drugs and this method is more conducive to stabilizing blood pressure and helping to reduce the risk of stroke.

Such patients can often eat green leafy vegetables such as spinach, horseshoe leaves, and citrus fruits. These foods are relatively abundant.If you can’t get the need, you can take supplements under the guidance of a doctor. However, it is also necessary to remind patients that need to be supplemented.Do it, don’t make up for yourself.

And if its level is not high, it is not necessary to blindly supplement it, and it may be replenished blindly. In the end, it may have a reaction.Not only this kind of nutritional element, the other is the same, and it is necessary to add extra supplement when it is missing.

So, how do you know if you want to make up?

Hypertensive people should pay attention to self -management and screening. Whether it is first or secondary, it may be better to check the level of the same type of cysteine.Excessive, you may also replenish folic acid on the basis of taking medicine to reduce risks.In addition, no matter whether it is necessary to make up, patients should develop good habits in terms of life, such as reasonable diet and controlling weight. It is not only only necessary to take medicine. The combination of the two can better control blood pressure.

In addition, the following nutrients, people with high blood pressure should also pay attention to proper supplements:

Dietary fiber: It is recommended to eat vegetables such as coarse grains and celery, supplementing cellulose, and promoting metabolism. It is good for lowering blood pressure.

Protein: If there is no case of renal insufficiency, you can supplement it in moderation. Eating fish usually is also conducive to lowering blood pressure and protecting blood vessel health.If it is renal insufficiency, you must pay attention to restricting its intake.

Potassium: It is good for blood vessel health. You can usually eat mushrooms and bean foods.

Through the understanding of the entire article, I believe that everyone already knows the connection between folic acid and hypertension. Some patients have to eat some but not the doctor.For patients with H -shaped hypertension, it is necessary to add it. How to make up and pay attention to it, I also tell you above.After understanding it, it is more assured that it is good for controlling blood pressure and reducing other risks.

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