What is the reason why sows are thin?How to treat sow diarrhea?Raise people must learn these methods!

Pig diarrhea is more common in pig farms. Recently, many pig friends are consulting. What is the reason why sows are rare?How should I treat it?There are many reasons that can cause sows to be diluted. In order to help raising pig friends solve this problem, we will learn about relevant knowledge today.

1. What is the reason why sows pull thin

There are many reasons for sow dilutes. Usually, the more common is the causes of feed mildew, bacteria and virus infections, poor environmental conditions, parasitic infections, and stress reactions.There are problems with the system, such as dilutes caused by poor digestion of sows. At the same time, our long -term use of feed containing mold toxins will reduce sows’ disease resistance, and it is easy to be infected by bacteria and viruses.It is the cold season, and the environmental sanitation in the pigs is relatively poor, which will also cause sow diarrhea to pull thin diarrhea.Suddenly replacing feed or weaning of piglets will cause sows’ stress reactions, which is also the cause of sow diarrhea.

2. How to treat sow diarrhea

The cause of the sow diarrhea introduced above, when we solve the sow diarrhea, we should treat them separately according to different reasons. First of all, we need to use: diarrhea is too guaranteed to give sows for injections for treatment, 1 needle a day, use it in a row, use it evenly2-3 days, then use: maternal animal is too guaranteed, mixes sow, it can condition the gastrointestinal tract, remove the toxins in the sows, and improve the sows’ disease resistance.Use again: Multi -Wei Pacific Bao, drink water for sows, so as to supplement sows’ qi and blood and improve immunity.Finally, we need to use: Cycus is too guarantee, mixing sow, it can relieve the mold toxin in the feed, remove the mold toxin in the sows, so that it can solve the problem of feed mildew.

3. How to prevent sow dilute

The problem of diarrhea in sows is very harmful to sows. For example, it will affect the sow’s feeding, reduce the nutritional intake of sows, and cause the sow’s malnutrition problem. If it is during pregnancy, it is harmfulIt will be greater, so we want to prevent sows’ diarrhea. We use: mother animals too protective+multi -dimensional Pacific guarantee+cordy too much, mixes sow, this combination can condition the sow’s body, remove toxins, supplement the sowThe qi and blood, remove the mold toxins in the feed and sow, and one thing is that it can safely protect the fetus and avoid the sows from having diarrhea or constipation.

The above is the cause and solution of the sow diarrhea we introduced. I hope it will help you, pay attention to me, and learn more about pig farming knowledge.

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