What is the HCG value and progesterone of the twins?

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What is HCG and progesterone? Many people are not very clear about this, but some people say that the HCG value and progesterone will be high when the twins are pregnant, so what is the HCG value and progesterone of the twins?

Medical research shows that in the early stages of pregnancy, the female progesterone value and HCG value of the twins and HCG are higher than that of pregnant women with a child.For example, at 7 weeks of pregnancy, the value of progesterone exceeds the normal value of 52.7-100.1nmol/L.However, this indicator can only be seen in the hospital examination, and you can’t detect it.

HCG is the abbreviation of human chorionic gonad hormone. Pincir membrane -promoting gonad hormone is a kind of glycoprotein secreted by the nourishing layer of the placenta. It is composed of α and β diode.Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) αβ is synthesized by synthesis of nourishing cells.The molecular weight is 36700 glycoprotein hormone, the FSH (follicle stimulatory), the LH (lutein formin), and TSH (thyroid hormone) secreted by alpha subunit and pituitary body are basically similar.The structure of the base is not similar.β-HCG is similar to the β-LH structure, but the extension of the last 24 amino acids does not exist in β-LH.Mogoone is progesterone, and progesterone is a natural progesterone secreted by ovarian progesterone. It has a significant morphological impact on the endometrium stimulated by estrogen in the body and is necessary to maintain pregnancy.The clinical diagnosis of anesthesia or amenorrhea such as threatened abortion, habitual abortion, etc. The clinical diagnosis diagnosis of threatened abortion and habitual abortion.

1. HCG doubles very well, progesterone decreases

In one case, HCG doubles, and progesterone has dropped.This shows that the embryo is developing normally, but the function of HCG to promote progesterone is not good.For example, there is a saying in Chinese medicine that it is called insufficient lung qi. It is not lung disease. It is not functional. It needs to be raised and sounded to support the function. The reason is the same.If this situation is conditional, you can lie down and try to lie. As long as the progesterone is not particularly low, you can keep your fetus without replenishment.

2. Normal progesterone, HCG has doubled

The other is that progesterone is normal, but HCG has doubled.This situation is very small, because HCG promotes the generation of progesterone, HCG is not good, and progesterone is generally not good.Many pregnant women say that HCG is not good, and they are relatively bad.What do you mean, that is, you go to test one day. The value goes up but it is not doubled. It is so bad that it is relatively not good. It is absolutely not good.Double, this situation is not very wonderful.First of all, you can rule out the ectopic pregnancy, and then there may be problems with embryos. See the content of the previous paragraph.Many hospitals now only supplement progesterone, rarely supplement HCG, because HCG is likely to be bad, and the value of tire protection is not high.4 How much HCG value and progesterone of healthy tips are pregnant with twins, this article is introduced here. Now everyone knows what is the HCG value and progesterone of the twins? What does HCG and progesterone mean?

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