What is the experience of borrowing money to have children: On the day of having a child, the husband can’t even get 1,000 yuan

Text | Zhang Ping

Marriage is not to pursue material satisfaction, but without certain material conditions, it is difficult to have a beautiful marriage life.

How to choose when you have to choose one between feelings and reality?

A video I saw recently, the wife was admitted to the hospital, and her husband couldn’t even get 1,000 yuan, and borrowed money everywhere.

The wife said, "This is my husband. Cali can’t even get a thousand yuan, but I think he will become a big device in the future, because he will save my life because he borrows money."

At first glance, I feel that there is no problem, but the more I feel the more I feel wrong.

Generally speaking, there is no money to have children. Why can’t a man who is about to be a father can’t get it 1,000 yuan?

Marriage cannot be seen to "money", but we still need to maintain proper reasoning in marriage. We can endure hardships for marriage, but we cannot suffer for marriage. In the middle of feelings and reality, we need to grasp a balance point.

Marriage is like a woman’s college entrance examination. Each option must be carefully decided. Faced with these three men, women must think about remarry clearly.

What should I do if my girlfriend and parents don’t see themselves?Most men’s practices work hard to prove themselves and use their actual actions to make them see themselves.

However, some men choose to solve the problem in a more radical way, only to achieve the goal, and never consider the retreat for friends.

"West Chamber" believes that even if most people have not seen it, they also know the story of the protagonist Zhang Sheng and Cui Yingying. Although the ending end is complete, Zhang Sheng is a man who cannot marry.

In order to get Cui Yingying, Zhang Sheng used everything. After turning over the wall into the house, he saw Cui Yingying at night, and asked Cui Yingying and him to decide for a lifetime. After being rejected, he pretended to be acacia.

In the end, Cui Yingying’s pregnancy was used as a bargaining chip, and Mother Cui had to agree with their marriage.

Pretend to be sympathetic, use pregnancy to be stubborn, and proper scum men.

In the era of rituals and religions, the late -night private meeting was originally a bad person’s reputation.In all incidents, he never considered Cui Yingying. What should Cui Yingying do if both people cannot be together.

Women are really easier to lose their mind in love, but some bottom lines must be kept.

A man who loves you will not make you "in danger". What he should do is to make you happy and stable, not to transfer all your risks to you.

If a man proposes to you to get married, forced marriage, and do not come and go with your parents, you have to re -position your relationship.

When choosing a marriage, women must have the greatest confidence in men, but they cannot easily believe in men’s "good words".

Civilian boxer Conner, who has supported his wife for eight years, and eventually became the boxing champion, but there were thousands of civilian boxers around the world, and only one Conner was released.

In this world, many people feel that they are talented, but they can eventually be proven.

For most people who clamorize themselves "with talents", it is better to get pregnant. At least there are "things" in their stomachs. Those who do not meet their talents are actually empty in their stomachs.

In this era, as long as you are willing to pay the stomach that can always be filled, as long as you work hard, you will not be able to get 1,000 yuan when your wife is pregnant.

Men can be poor, but they must not have the ability to pay the future, nor can they have no income.

If this man has an unrealistic dream every day, the reason is that the head is the Tao, and the ideal of three thousand is not a step forward, you must pay attention.

Either he is a loser who grievances and is You who use the so -called dream to cover up laziness, or he is a person who is a mixed day.No matter what the situation is, it is not worth marrying.

Among all the men who cannot marry, consciously, to show their girlfriend to show their men, the most shameless.

Some girls are very sober when they meet such men and can quickly get themselves away, and girls who are gentle and easy to doubt themselves will get deeper and deeper.

In the long -term blow, girls will gradually lose themselves, become more and more inferior, and become his accessories. When needed, they will call it, and they will go away when they are not needed.

True love has never made the other person look like, but like the other person.

Most of them are selfish, masculine, and low in ability by fighting their girlfriends. Such men do not find a wife who stays with each other, but to find an obedient nanny.

Unfortunately, if you meet such a man, a woman should not entangle the problem of marrying and not marrying, and get rid of this relationship as soon as possible to reduce the harm to themselves.

When I was young, I watched TV series. The most annoying thing was that the characters in the TV series faced the marriage of their children. They said that being a household in this way, and later I realized that a good marriage door was based on the foundation.

This door is not only referring to family situation, but also the three views, abilities, and cognitive levels of both parties.

As a woman, you can marry a man with a bad family, but you cannot marry a man who has no money nor advanced. He also thinks about how to suppress you every day.

It is not worthy of being grateful for the happiness of marriage, but you can’t take the initiative to jump into the fire pit by yourself. Your sacrifice is not worthy of gratitude in the eyes of these men who are not worth marrying. They will only feel that this is their own victory.

Marriage is a big event for women’s lifetime, and finding a balance between love and reality can be happy.


About the author: Zhang Ping, psychological counselor, marriage and family consultant, well -known emotional self -media.I have wine, do you have a story?

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