What is the experience after infection with the new coronal virus?More than 2000 messages tell you the most important thing to pay attention

According to Feng Zijian, the former deputy director of the China Disease Prevention and Control Center and a member of the National New Crown Virus Pneumonia Co -Control Mechanism Group, in an previous interview, "No matter what form of the policies of the epidemic), most people are inevitableEncounter infection. "

In addition, according to data models, 80%to 90%of people may experience infection.

So, what kind of experience will be infected with new coronal virus?What are the most common symptoms?How long will the symptoms last?What issues should citizens pay attention to?

Most of ordinary symptoms

We captured the relevant posts of Weibo topic "”What is the experience of new crowns”".

According to the IP address of the post, more than 73%of netizens infected with new coronal viruses in the country, and about 26%of the remaining netizens shared the experience of infection abroad.In addition, in 2104 comments, nearly 800 netizens mentioned their vaccination, 97%of netizens vaccinated the vaccine, and only 3%of netizens said they had not yet been vaccinated.

Because there are fewer netizens who have not been vaccinated, there is no significant difference in domestic and foreign experience sharing. Therefore, the following analysis is the overall situation.

From the perspective of symptoms, netizens are mostly common symptoms, with fewer high -risk symptoms.

The proportion of ordinary symptoms exceeds 90%, of which the most frequently occur is cough, fever, and sore throat.Many netizens think that the new crown is similar to a cold and a cold, and there will be symptoms such as cough, pharyngitis, fever, nasal congestion, headache and other symptoms.

In addition to ordinary symptoms, high -risk symptoms including dyspnea, chest pain, and high fever are relatively small, only 2.3%; the proportion of no clinical symptoms is 6.6%.

Netizen Xiao Zhang is a asymptomatic case. She said, "The biggest feeling is full body soreness, but because the day before the diagnosis, she also trained the dance society, and she usually sore after training."

Even with ordinary symptoms, there are differences in the feelings of "cold" in different constitutions.

Netizen AMANDA’s symptoms are mild. She said, "It is like a cold, but the symptoms are a little longer than a cold. For two days of low fever, her throat is not painful, sneezing, and her nose is blocked. The appetite is basically not affected. The fourth day is basically good."

Although the netizen Yingzi also felt like a cold, the symptoms were more severe than Amanda. "I was uncomfortable for the four days ago, and it was very similar to a cold. My muscle soreness was accompanied by a fever."Yingzi receded on the fifth day, and was discharged from hospital on the 14th day.

Judging from time distribution, the first three days were the hardest.

In the feelings of netizens, the fever is mainly concentrated on the first three days of the infection, especially on the first day, accompanied by symptoms such as cough and sore throat; in the middle and late stage of the infection, after the fever, the patient mainly experienced dizziness and headache., Fine, muscle soreness and other symptoms.

The duration of cough may be longer. Some netizens said that coughing will still occur even after half a month to one month after nucleic acid negative.

Most of them recover within 7 days

In the sharing of Weibo messages, 11.8%of netizens expressed their strong discomfort after infection. These messages include the words "severe symptoms", "giant/drama pain", "uncomfortable", "pain" and other words.

Among them, "severe symptoms" mainly include cough, fever, severe cold, stuffy nasal congestion, muscle soreness, etc.The main parts of "big pain" and "uncomfortable" are "throat/throat".

Netizens said, "Infection was initially fever, fever for three or four days, but his throat was so painful that it hurts like a knife cut."

Netizens Xiao Zhao also said, "The most serious symptoms are sore throat, which hurts for three days. During the period, it is a bit difficult to talk to meals.

In terms of cure time, 7 days of yin is the most common, but due to the differences in physical fitness, some infected people turn the yin at about 3 days, and the clinical symptoms have also improved, and have not affected daily life.

Netizens said, "The symptoms after infection are low fever and cough. After taking a break at home for 3 days, there is no symptom after turning the yin, starting to live normally."

There are also some patients’ clinical symptoms that lasted for nearly a month, including cough, foreign body sensation, sore throat, etc.

Netizen Xiaohui said, "After 3 days of fever, the nucleic acid is about 4 to 5 days, but it will last for a period of headache, and the feeling of foreign bodies in the throat will last about a month."Netizen Peiya also said, "After turning the yin, there are still 10 days of infection symptoms, and for a month, bitter water will be secreted in the mouth."

In addition to the above -mentioned clinical symptoms, some netizens still have symptoms such as taste and smell failure, weakness, weakness, drowsiness, fatigue and other symptoms for a period of time.

The sense of taste and smell is the most common.

Netizen Jiji said, "After turning the yin, the sense of taste and smell gradually weakened, and even disappeared. This situation lasted for about two months."Netizen Nana also said, "On the first few days, the taste of food cannot be eaten, such as what is the difference between the sugar and apple flavor of the orange flavor."

In addition, many netizens also felt weak and fatigue.

Netizens said, "Our family is infected, and the time for turning the clouds varies from person to person. I am 8 days, the child is about 6 days, the mother -in -law is about 11 days, and my husband is half a month. This is more than half a year.It’s not bad, but my husband and I have felt more energetic before … I can’t keep up … I’m tired … "

Pay attention to the new crown infection of key groups

In more than 2,000 comments captured, in addition to the experience of infected people, 14.5%of the comments include questions from uninvited people, such as asking the severity of the symptoms after the infection, or the types and brands of the antipyretic drugs.

In these questions, nearly 30 % of the problems expressed concerns about infection of specific groups, including the elderly, pregnant women, children, and patients with basic diseases.

Are these specific groups that the public pay attention to?What is the effect of treatment after infection?Will you face secondary infection after healing?Many clinical scientific research at home and abroad is trying to give answers.

Question 1: Children’s immune function is weak, will it be more difficult to recover than adults?

Most children recover within a week.

In August last year, a large-scale study of "Liuye Dao-Children and Adolescent Health" reported in detail the diseases of symptoms 5 to 17 years old.Great.

Zhang Yi, a member of the Beijing Children’s New Crown Clinic, pointed out that from the clinical point of view, the symptoms and course of children and adults were significantly different from the infection.Overall, the onset is fast, but there are few pneumonia."Children’s infected people have almost no incubation period, and infection is the onset of infection. Adult infections occur within 3 days, while children develop diseases within 1 day."

Experts remind that children infected with new crown virus 1-2 weeks after healing. At this time, children’s immune function has not been restored, and it is necessary to prevent secondary blows.

Question 2: Will the infection of the new coronal virus during pregnancy affect the fetus?

No evidence shows that the new crown virus can lead to "maternal and infant transmission".

Earlier, some news reported that a new -born newborns infected with pregnant women were detected at 36 hours after birth, which caused people to question whether the virus would infected infected.Professor Zhang Yuanzhen of the Central South Hospital of Wuhan University said: "The details of many important clinical information of this case are not detailed, so it cannot be concluded from this single case that can be concluded in the palace infection."

"Liu Ye Dao" has published a study from Wuhan in Wuhan, China, and a study of new types of coronary virus pneumonia in advanced pregnancy.The study said that there is no evidence that the new crown virus infection can lead to the ending of serious bad newborns, and there is no evidence that the new crown virus can cause vertical transmission between maternal and infants.

The study analyzed the clinical data of 9 cases of COVID-19 pregnant women. Nine pregnant women were between 26-40 years old and had no serious basic diseases.Although there were two patients with fetal distress before surgery, and 6 of them were also treated with antiviral treatment, all 9 newborn were live production.Compared with the SARS virus infection, the clinical process and ending of the new coronal virus are relatively optimistic.However, the objects of this study are patients with advanced pregnancy and termination of pregnancy with cesarean section. There are certain limitations.

The report pointed out in the discussion that maternal mothers are still susceptible people of respiratory pathogen, and they are easily developed into severe pneumonia. This may make maternal women more susceptible to the new crown virus than ordinary people, especially when they have chronic diseases or pregnancy.In the case of combination.Therefore, maternal and newborn should be regarded as key high-risk groups of COVID-19 infection and management.

Question three: Is it more dangerous to have basic diseases?

Combined patients with basic diseases need to detect clinical indicators densely

In addition to the elderly, children and pregnant women, patients with basic diseases have also become one of the most watched groups.The so -called basic diseases generally refer to chronic diseases.It can be divided into three categories. One is that there are basic metabolic disorders, such as endocrine disorders and diabetes; the other is that the immune function is low, such as AIDS; the third is to have major chronic consumer diseases such as tumors.

Among the first -diagnosed Wuhan crown cases, 50%of patients have basic diseases, including diabetes (20%), hypertension (15%), and cardiovascular disease (15%).

Data reported by the Centers for Prevention and Control of the United States show that nearly one -third of patients have at least one basic disease or risk factors, the most common of which is diabetes (10.9%).There are at least one basic disease in 78%of patients with severe care room and 94%of death cases.

From the perspective of existing evidence, diabetes (or poor blood sugar control) is obviously one of the most important complications related to the severity of the new crown infection and prognosis.

In addition to diabetes, a report from Academician Wang Fusheng, a National Infertility Clinical Research Center, mentioned that 2%-11%of new coronal virus patients have basic liver disease.At present, chronic liver diseases have become one of the main burdens on the world’s major diseases. In China, about 300 million people have liver disease, such as chronic viral hepatitis, non -alcoholic fatty liver, alcoholic liver, etc.Due to the large number of patients, the potential impact of the new coronal virus infection on the liver situation needs to be further studied.

Studies emphasized that patients with advanced liver diseases, especially older and other patients with complications, their immune function is low, and clinical indicators need to be tested densely after infection with new coronary virus.

Question 4: Is cancer patients more dangerous?

In response to the infection of the new coronal virus in cancer patients, Professor He Jianbao, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, led the research team to cooperate with the National Health and Health Commission to monitor COIVD-19 cases throughout China.Less municipality) 1590 cases.

Analysis pointed out that due to malignant tumors, chemotherapy, surgery and other anti -cancer treatment, cancer patients are in an immunosuppressive state. Cancer patients are more likely to be infected than individuals without cancer, and their prognosis is worse.

Not only that, research has also found that patients with serious incidents (entering the intensive care unit for ventilation or death) are nearly five times higher than those of serious incidents (entering the intensive care unit in the intensive care unit.

Compared with other complications, the history of cancer has become the highest risk factor for serious incidents.In response to the crisis of the new crown epidemic and the martyr’s infectious diseases that may occur in the future, the research team proposed three major strategies for cancer patients.

First, in the epidemic areas, for the stable period of cancer, it should be considered to delay assisted chemotherapy or optional surgery.

Second, the personal protection of cancer patients and cancer survivors should be strengthened.

Third, when cancer patients are infected with new coronal viruses, especially elderly patients or other patients with complications, monitoring or treatment should be considered.

In summary, for ordinary patients, the new crown infection caused by Omik Rongzhu is a self -limited disease, which can be cured by autoimmune.Including cancer patients, diabetes or other basic diseases, etc., once infection, you should still pay close attention and seek medical treatment in time.

Most of the remaining patients can go to a popular kidney or emergency treatment if they need to seek medical treatment. Medical resources such as rescue rooms are given priority to special patients to treat special patients while avoiding cross -infections.

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