What is the difference between dreaming during pregnancy?

What is the difference between dreaming during pregnancy?Dreams during pregnancy are more tense, exciting, lively and absurd.However, sometimes there are very interesting dreams, and it is easy to have many dreams.

Why do you dream during pregnancy different from usual?

According to the results of the survey, most pregnant mothers believe that the dream during pregnancy is often more real than usual, and some things that are usually worried in daily life are often exaggerated in dreams.

The reason why the dreams of doing during pregnancy are usually different from the changes in sleep quality.Especially after a few months of pregnancy, most of the time pregnant mothers cannot sleep very much. As a result, not only the probability of dreaming will increase, but also easier to be awakened.

When the pregnant mothers do not sleep, although they are in a state of resting, they may be in a state of tightness in spirit, and they also have more realistic and more scary dreams.After all, looking forward to the birth of a small life is a major event in the family, it is no wonder that every pregnant mother will be a little trembling.

In addition, the dream during pregnancy, in addition to being more peculiar, dreams are more frequent, and they usually have a deep impression after getting up.This may be because it is easier to awaken during pregnancy, and it is often when the dream is just over. It is easy to remember what dreams have just made.

Dream will change with the process of pregnancy

According to survey statistics, in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers are more likely to dream of some content symbolizing life such as potted plants, fruits, seeds, water, and waves.

After a few months of pregnancy, the most common scene in the dream at this time is the different appearances of fantasy babies, or some small animals such as pony and puppies.Some pregnant women will dream that they are architects, art creators, and other contents of "original" nature, which may reflect the role of pregnancy itself as the creator.

In the late pregnancy, due to the nearly childbirth, most pregnant mothers will have anxiety. At this time, there are easier nightmares. For example, the baby who is born with a babies is weak and sick, and it is difficult to give birth during childbirth.Waiting, this is normal.

However, most people who came here said that the most disturbing dream in the late pregnancy is accidents related to the baby related to the baby, such as the baby is empty when the baby wants to eat milk, or because of your negligence, the baby is on the body.Damage, etc.In addition, like a baby is gone, it is also a nightmare that will be generally done in the late pregnancy.

How to condition more dreams during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, changes in hormones in the body can affect the sleep quality of pregnant mothers.In addition, pregnant mothers are more sensitive than ordinary people in terms of mental and psychology, and the degree of tolerance of pressure will also be significantly reduced. The mood is not stable, and there are often insomnia and dreams.So how to condition?

1. Regular work schedule

Pregnant mothers should establish a regular schedule and develop the habit of regularly sleeping and getting up, so as to build their own biological clock.

After pregnancy, the sleeping position must be adjusted. It is recommended to consciously develop the sleeping position habit of the left side of the left side from early pregnancy, which is conducive to the health of pregnant mothers and fetal treasures.

2. Appropriate exercise

Appropriate exercise during pregnancy helps to sleep. You can adhere to the pregnancy yoga and take a walk every day.Even in the third trimester, the body is heavy, and we must insist on walking.

As far as yoga during pregnancy is concerned, Fuzo Shun has a strong targeted yoga, and pays more attention to the exercise of the rectus muscles of pregnant women and the bottom of the pot.The flexibility and flexibility helps to give birth naturally.

3. Listen to music before bedtime

Before going to bed, it is a good music time for music, and beautiful and soothing prenatal education music, such as lullays and piano songs, is also a good hypnotic music, which can relax the spirit of pregnant women and enter a stable sleep.

Before going to bed every day, pregnant mothers can also soak their feet to improve the body’s immune function and improve sleep.

4. Avoid food that stimulates nerves

Coffee and tea, even cola and chocolate may make pregnant mothers enter a state of excitement. It can not sleep for a long time. It is recommended not to eat food that stimulates nervous during pregnancy.

5. Regulate emotions

Pregnant mothers must learn to regulate their psychology, control their emotions, be positive and optimistic in the face of things, learn to relax, and do not grow old.Family should also accompany and persuade.

6. Preparation during pregnancy

Pay attention to the condition of conditioning for multiple discomfort during pregnancy. The Fuza Confinement Center provides pregnant mothers with head -to -bed and compressive care, relief and relaxation care, drainage and drainage care, facial care, lumbar pain care and other series of conditioning projects.Fully meet the needs of multiple discomfort for pregnant mothers.

In response to the condition of poor sleep and insomnia and dreams, the mother and baby in Fuzu are targeted with sleep and stress -resistant care during pregnancy.In the case of poor spirit, let the pregnant mother gradually relax, relieve stress, and improve sleep quality.

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