What is the difference between "sleepy" and "refreshing" and "refreshing" during pregnancy?Moms need to understand

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I still remember that when I was pregnant, I almost did n’t sleep during the day, and my cousin was always confused during the day when I was pregnant. I did n’t sleep enough.

My mother -in -law compared our two performances. Everyone around me felt that the pregnant woman’s spirit of pregnant women and pregnant women who were pregnant with children were lazy and sleepy.Coincidentally, my cousin and I really had a daughter in my life and my son, but both of us knew that this had nothing to do with whether it was sleepy.

Everyone’s performance during pregnancy is different. Compared with the feelings of expectant mothers, she and her family are more concerned about what performance has the relationship with the fetus.Why are some people who are always sleepy after pregnancy, and some expectant mothers feel refreshing?

Don’t be too anxious, the above two performances are normal. Next, let’s first understand the difference between these two pregnant mothers.

1) The difference in physical endurance of pregnant mothers

Various discomfort after pregnancy may make people feel physically and mentally exhausted. Pregnant mothers with strong ability and light pregnancy response will not be too affected, and they still look refreshing.The original physique, weak tolerance, and severe pregnancy reaction will make expectant mothers feel particularly tired.

When people feel tired, they can’t afford their spirits, so some expectant mothers are always confused and need to use sleep to relieve physical discomfort.

2) A part of the oxygen is divided into a fetal treasure

The expectant mothers not only have to breathe during pregnancy, but also provide oxygen for the fetal treasure. The blood and nutrients in her body are divided into part of the fetal treasure, and the whole person becomes confused and sleepy.The more obvious the trapped situation in the late pregnancy. This is a situation where many expectant mothers cannot escape, but the degree of tolerance is different.

Because at this time, the oppression of the mother’s body of the mother’s body became heavier, which caused the blood circulation of the prospective mother to be unobstructed from the front, so she felt lethargic.The prospective mother who usually has simple exercise has a fast blood circulation, so she feels refreshing.

3) It is related to the mood of the environment and expectant mother

The old saying "Spring is sleepy and lacks", and expectant mothers have different mental state in different seasons.In addition, the light, air quality, and expectant mood of the room can affect their mental state.

Breathing fresh air and bathing the right sunlight, these conditions can make the expectant mothers feel refreshing.Conversely, the dim room, the air that does not circulate, and the depressed mood can cause the prospective mother to confused and sleepy.

Some people may feel that since I feel sleepy, I sleep more for a while, but in fact, the problem that expectant mothers face are that they sleep more and more sleepy, but they do n’t rest well during the day, and they ca n’t sleep at night.

What the expectant mother should know is that the longer the pregnancy, the better.Pregnant women can sleep for about nine hours a day, and it is necessary to ensure that sleeping more at night and taking a nap during the day.

The sunrise is normal. Sleeping too much during the day can only make the expectant mothers dazzling, the more they sleep, and the more they are not spiritual. At the same time, they get fat because they lack the amount of exercise.

Specific mothers have been lying on the bed, which will affect the feelings of the fetal treasure, making a certain part of the fetal treasure’s body always oppressed and uncomfortable, and there may be hypoxia.

Sleeping during pregnancy is very important, but it is better to sleep long for a long time, and expectant mothers keep in mind the following things.

★ Mainly night sleep

There is a good sleep at night to make yourself fully rest without delaying the development of fetal treasure.Therefore, expectant mothers are enough to sleep for 1 to 2 hours during the day, and sleeping too much is not good for her fetus.

★ "Left Lie" is not suitable for all expectant mothers

Mother -in -law has heard of the sleeping position of "lying on the left", but it should be noted that the quasi -mothers with a culprit are not suitable for the left side. When the expectant mother’s heart is uncomfortable, you can’t sleep on the left side.like.

★ It is more comfortable to lean on the pillow while sleeping

In fact, it is very inconvenient for expectant mothers to lie on the side of the lying on the side. After the belly is getting bigger and bigger, basically the side lying on the side is mainly on the side. The expectant mother can lean back and waist on a pillow when lying on the side, which can help the mother support the support of the mother to support it.I feel more comfortable to live in the body.

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