What is the damage to the fetus to the fetus?Director of the radiology department tells you the answer

Pregnancy is a very critical moment for every female friend. After all, a new life has been given in his own body. However, when you are pregnant, the development of the embryoVarious problems, especially when they are radiated, then the first month of pregnancy, during this period, just standing outside the door of CT, will it affect the fetus?

Professor Li Long, director of the radiology department of the Armed Police Corps Hospital, reminded that CT has a great impact on the fetus in the early pregnancy, especially the first three months of pregnancy. This period is a critical period for the development of embryo organs.sensitive.When the lower abdomen is accepted by CT within two weeks of pregnancy, the fertilized egg can die. The CT rays have a strong teratogenic effect on the embryo within 6 to 12 weeks.

Although it is said that irradiating CT during pregnancy has a great impact on the fetus, but if it is only standing outside the door, there is generally no problem. Professor Li Long pointed out that as long as it is a radioactive equipment for a regular hospitalThe doors are strictly shielded, and there will be no leaks of X -rays.

But in order to ensure that some accidents occur, the best words are to conduct corresponding inspections in time.From the perspective of eugenics, there may be a certain impact, but it may not cause malformations.If pregnant women are worried, they should pay attention to checking during pregnancy and closely observe the actual development of the fetus.

Once there is a suspected deformity, it must be treated in a timely manner to finally ensure the health of your body and avoid more unnecessary occurrence of unnecessary occurrence.Once the fetal deformity is confirmed, the pregnancy must be ended as soon as possible in order to ensure the interests of their own body to the greatest extent.

Li Long, professor, chief physician, doctor of medicine, and a master’s degree instructor.The current director of the radiology department of the Guangdong Provincial Corps Hospital of the Armed Police.

He has been engaged in imaging diagnosis and intervention in radiology for more than 20 years. He has rich clinical practice experience and is good at the diagnosis and intervention treatment of tumor and vascular disease.

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