What is the cause of the mother’s stomach pain

In life, many pregnant women will be very painful during pregnancy, making them very worried that whether they are their own amniotic fluid.Therefore, once there are other symptoms in pregnant women, they must go to the hospital to seek medical treatment in time.

Postpartum abdominal pain is a term in Chinese medicine. It refers to the pain of the abdomen caused by the shrinkage of the uterus due to the shrinkage of the uterus.Abdominal pain generally does not need to be treated, but if the maternal pain is severe, the maternal needs to be diagnosed.


The main pathogenesis of this disease is poor qi and blood, and it is painful if it is painful or not.The occurrence of postpartum abdominal pain is closely related to postpartum templates and the physical condition of the mother.

During pregnancy, the uterus is hidden without diarrhea, hiding blood, and nourishing the fetus. As the carcass gradually grows, the uterus gradually stood extremely.After childbirth, the fetus and fetal clothing are under the second time. The uterus is from hiding and diarrhea, and the expansion is empty. In addition, the predecessor is excreted from the blood turbidity.If the maternal body is healthy, it can be adaptable.

If the mother’s body itself is weak and blood, or if there is too much blood loss during production, it will cause pain, which will cause pain.

Or the remaining blood turbidity of the uterus, due to cold stasis, or qi stagnation, blood stasis, or cells and placenta residues, rushing, reorns, and cell veins blocking, it is painful.Common diseases because of qi and blood deficiency, stasis stagnation uterus.


1. Qi and blood deficiency

Vegetarian body is weak, lack of qi and blood, due to excessive blood loss due to delivery and postpartum, due to postpartum deficiency, rushing to blood deficiency, inferiority of cell pulse;

2, stagnation uterus

After giving birth, losing money, the blood chamber is open, carelessness, feeling cold, blood is cold;Blood stopped, blocked the rushing, and the uterus was painful.

Diagnostic point diagnosis basis

1. Medical history

The mother’s body is weak, too much blood loss during production, or inconsistency of the affection, and the history of coldness.

2. Clinical manifestations

After the new birth to the puzzle period, there are severe pain in the abdomen, or the pain of the lower abdomen is faintly painful.Light color.

Different diagnosis

1. Postpartum injury and abdominal pain

There are many history of injury, pain in the abdomen, often accompanied by stomach stuffy, warm and sour acid, vomiting and diarrhea, stool and smell.Tongue coating is greasy, and the dew has changed abnormally.

2. Penta infection with abdominal pain

The pain of the small abdomen is severe, and it continues to decrease and refuses to press. It is accompanied by fever and cold or high fever and cold war.The tongue is red, yellow greasy, the number of string or flood.Laboratory inspection, the corresponding positive information obtained by the blood routine, secretion training, gynecological examination, and type B ultrasonic testing can be identified (fever after delivery).

3. Postpartum dysentery

There can be symptoms of postpartum abdominal pain. After the urgency, the stool is red and white pus and blood. The routine stool can be seen in a large amount of red blood cells and white blood cells.

Dialectical Dialectics and Dialectics

Afternoon abdominal pain is based on the nature of abdominal pain, the amount, color, quality, and smell of lochia are mainly based on the combination of compatibility and tongue veins.If the lower abdomen is painful, rubbing presses, the pain is reduced, the amount of lochia is small, the color is light, the color is dizzy, the heart palpitations are observed, and the pulse is deficient, which is mostly blood deficiency;, Or cold pain and warmth, reduce the heat and pain, the amount of lochia is small or not, the color purple is dark, the limbs are not warm, the tongue is dark, the pulse is tight or the string is mostly blood stasis.

Treatment principles

The treatment of this disease is mainly to supplement deficiency and stasis, and the blood and blood are mainly regulated.Those who virtue make up for it, and the actual one is tuned, which promotes the blood of qi and blood, and the circulation of the cells will be eliminated by abdominal pain.During the certificate, according to the characteristics of postpartum deficiency and stasis, do not be too greasy, or too much attack, so that the blood and qi qi to nourish the uterus, the qi and blood are smooth, the deflation is discharged, and the contraction is normal.Abdominal pain Self -solving.If there are those with placenta and fetal membrane residues after inspection, the palace content can be cleared.


1. Two deficiency of qi and blood

Main evidence

After giving birth, the pain is more than a few days of pain. Pressing and rubbing, the amount of lochia is small, the color is red, the color is thin;


Replenish blood and qi, relieve pain and relieve pain.


Interests of intestine soup or angelica ginger and mutton soup.


Angelica, cooked ground yellow, gelatin, ginseng, yam, continuity, Ophiopogon, cinnamon, licorice.

2. stasis stasis uterine syndrome

Main evidence

Pain after childbirth, refusal to press, it has a lot of heat pain; the amount of lochia is small, the astringent stagnation is not smooth, the color purple is dark, the pain is reduced;, The pulse is tight or string.


Activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, warm menstruation.


Biochemical soup.


Angelica, Chuanxiong, Tao Ren, Black Ginger, and Manzhong.

Return to prognosis

Postpartum abdominal pain is a common postpartum disease, and most of them can be cured after active treatment.If it is ruled and cured, the blood stasis will become hot for a long time;


1. Postpartum abdominal pain is more common in mothers, so family planning should be done.

2. The mother should eliminate fear and mental tension after childbirth. Pay attention to keep warm and avoid cold and cold.

3. Watch closely, and pay attention to the height of the bottom of the uterus and the changes in lochia.If there are doubts of the placenta and fetal clothing, it should be checked in time.

People like me who have never been pregnant do not know this kind of problem, but I can know that as long as the pregnant woman is pregnant, once the stomach hurts, it is definitely not a good phenomenon, so we must understand the pregnancy in advance.Some knowledge.

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