What is the "ovulation period" often said?Doctor: Just remember one time

In order to improve the efficiency of pregnancy, it is important to understand the ovulation period.Because at this time in the same room, the probability of pregnancy is relatively high.But what makes a lot of little couples tangled, how can the ovulation period "have no shadows and no trace"?

Every time Lin Lin came to menstruation, she took her finger to calculate the next ovulation period, so that the couple could "make people".However, after a few months, Lin Lin still did not move, which made the young couple a bit discouraged.In addition, due to work pressure and other reasons, Linlin’s menstruation is not very timely, so Linlin’s calculation of the ovulation period has also entered a state of chaos.

For the calculation method of ovulation, ovulation period, and misunderstandings in the ovulation period, I hope that the friends who are waiting for the babies will be explained clearly by the following.

1. Small popular science during ovulation

According to the physiological cycle of women, ovulation days are the days when the mature eggs are discharged from the menstrual period, and the ovulation period is based on this day as the "center" forward and ten days in the future.Because the activity time of sperm and eggs is 3-4 days and 2-3 days, which means that the couple in the same room between the first 4 days before ovulation and the last 3 days after ovulation, the most likely to be successful.The total 7, or about 8 days can be said to be "valid on the day of pregnancy."However, because the sperm discharged from men has a certain mortality, in order to have a higher probability and activated sperm after the eggs are discharged, the couple cannot wait until the ovulation date will act again, but should keep it at the beginning of the ovulation period.The frequency of the same room every two days.

2. The method of calculating the ovulation period

1. Calculate according to menstrual rules

Experienced doctors generally tell you to calculate for an ovulation period to remember one time, that is the first day of menstruation.For women who predict menstruation time, if the menstrual cycle is 30 days, then the first day of the next day of the next menstrual period is calculated, and it is an ovulation day to subtract 14 days forward.For example, the menstrual time of a woman should be on May 1st, and the April 16th of 14 days is the ovulation day, and the ovulation period from April 11th to April 20th.

For women with unstable menstrual frequency, they should be observed for a period of time and find the shortest period and the longest period of one time.For example, the shortest period of a woman is 28 days, the longest one is 37 days, and 18 minus 18 with 28, and then uses 37 to minus 11.between.

Of course, this method is not very practical for women with very irregular menstruation.

2. Urine LH test strip test method

Today there is a special ovulation testing paper on the market. The testing indicators are the content of LH in the urine.LH full -name blood luteal formation is induced by estrogen in women, which continues to rise before ovulation.The peak of LH in urine appears before 20 pm until 20 pm, which is the time when we use urine LH test strips to detect.

The symbol of the upcoming ovulation is that the test results are strong positive, which indicates that the ovulation time is within 1-2 days after that.However, because the time of the urine LH peak is very close to the real ovulation day and the duration is only about a day, it should be noted that it is likely to miss it. The best way should be continuously tested for a period of time.

3. Physiological change testing method

In addition, women will have some physiological changes before the ovulation day comes, such as the lowest point at the morning on the morning of the ovulation day, or the vagina near the ovulation day will secrete the relatively bright and sticky leucorrhea.Ovulation will occur within two days of disappearance of leucorrhea.

However, there are many factors that affect the physiological observation method, such as the body temperature at the beginning of the morning may also be affected by whether to stay up late, whether it is healthy, etc. In addition, some people rarely have leucorrhea drawing.Therefore, physiological testing can only be used as a reference and can be used when there are no other detection methods.

3. Misunderstanding during ovulation period

Since it is said that the ovulation period is high efficiency, is it usually "recuperating" and "specializing in" the ovulation period?actually not.Sperm stored in male testicles also has a shelf life. Over time, the activity will decrease.In order to maintain the vitality of the sperm, experts said that sexual life is more appropriate every week.

In addition, there are always couples that only children who conceive on the ovulation day are the healthiest. In fact, there is no scientific basis.As long as the parents are stable for a period of time, it will not affect the quality of the fertilized egg on the ovulation day.

In order to conceive more efficiently, we follow the ovulation period by calculating menstruation, observing physiological changes, and using test strips.However, many of them are overwhelming and losing husbands and wives often make themselves too much pressure and have too much psychological burden, which is even more unfavorable to conceive.Therefore, I hope that friends who pray for love crystallization will relax a little and face it with an open -minded mood. Don’t go upside down.Is it even more surprising that the day when the little angel comes?

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