What is going on without ovulation during ovulation?6 reasons, check it out

Under normal circumstances, women will go through the ovulation period once a month. At this stage, the same room can increase the conception rate. However, some women have no ovulation during the ovulation period, which hinders the road of good pregnancy. How does this cause.

1. Premature ovarian failure

When people were born, there were 2 million foundation follicles, and there would be 400,000 adolescence.Each ovulation cycle consumes certain follicles.Premature ovarian failure means that the follicles in the ovary have been completely consumed, and the use of ovulation -promoting drugs makes the follicle development meaningless.

2. Powuca abnormalities

When women suffer from pituitary sidam and hyperdoma, they can also cause ovulation disorders.If you go to the hospital for hormone testing to show that the prolactin is increased, you should do the investigation to see if there are parabiat secretion.If it is caused by the amenorrhea caused by pituitary tumors, it is necessary to decide whether to perform drugs or surgical treatment according to the size of the tumor.

3. Disease with central disease

At the moment, amenorrhea and menstruation without ovulation and ovarian axis can be disordered, which is mainly related to poor emotions such as excessive anxiety and anger and tension.Negative emotions can cause disorders of the brain, which causes ovulation abnormality.

4. Polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a disease with ovulation disorders. The cause is very complicated. It will not only cause menstrual disorders, ovulation and amenorrhea, but also accompanied by acne, body obesity, and increased body hair on the face.There are many small follicles in the ovaries of the patient, but they cannot develop and mature. They must promote follicle development through scientific treatment.

5. Undaled unlikely luteinization syndrome

Under normal circumstances, the follicles in the ovaries will develop into advantageous follicles under the menstrual cycle or the use of drugs.The rupture affects ovulation.

6. It is related to drug factors

Some drugs also inhibit women’s ovulation mechanisms, such as injection of long -acting steroid contraceptives to destroy the interaction between the ovary and the brain, thereby suppressing ovulation and leading to female infertility.The longer the time to use such contraceptive methods, the higher the possibility of amenorrhea.

Kind tips

Do not ovulation during ovulation during ovulation will affect pregnancy, so go to the hospital in time for corresponding examinations and treatment.Keep a peaceful mentality. Do not have too much psychological pressure, exercise more, control your weight within the normal range, balance nutrients, avoid malnutrition, and eat more black beans or soy products to promote follicle development.

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