What is going on in early pregnancy?There are 6 causes of these 6 kinds of diseases, you must check in time

Early pregnancy bleeding may be caused by insufficient progesterone, or it may be caused by gynecological diseases. Women if women suffer from cervical polyps or cervical erosion, they are prone to early pregnancy bleeding. Women’s early pregnancy bleeding should go to the hospital for a corresponding examination in time to understand the corresponding examination to understandCauses of bleeding, otherwise it is easy to cause miscarriage.

1. Cervical polyps: Cervical polyps are common diseases of women. Cervical polyps are mainly caused by hygiene of sexual life. Women will cause threatened abortion if they suffer from cervical polyps during pregnancy, which will seriously affect the healthy development of the fetus. Therefore, women are pregnant.Before, you must check the disease and check the gynecological diseases in a timely manner.

2. Cervical erosion: Cervical erosion will cause women’s abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, and it will cause premature birth and increase the difficulty of women during childbirth. Cervical erosion will also affect women’s normal conception and cause adverse effects on women’s fertility. ThereforePay attention to the health of the body and do a good job of screening for gynecological diseases.

3. Cervical lesions: Do not pay attention to sexual hygiene, which is likely to lead to women’s cervical lesions. If women have a problem of cervical lesions during pregnancy, women will also cause abortion. ThereforeIf you have gynecological diseases, it is best to cure and then get pregnant.

4. Ectopic pregnancy: Ectopic pregnancy is a common gynecological emergencies for women. Patients with ectopic pregnancy will have early bleeding and abdominal pain. If treatment measures are not taken in time, they may cause major bleeding and even threaten patients’ health. ThereforeIf bleeding occurs, you need to go to the hospital for examination in time.

5. Hydroplast: Portuguese tires mainly occur in women who are less than 20 years old or higher than 40 years old. Portugal tires will cause bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy.Causes patients, shock, so it is necessary to attract the attention of women.

6. Breakfine abortion: Early pregnancy bleeding may be signs of threatened abortion. You need to go to the hospital for a detailed examination, and women must do the corresponding care work in the early pregnancy.For physical labor to avoid the impact of the abdomen, otherwise it will cause a threatened abortion.

Early pregnancy bleeding should be alert to signs of abortion, or it may be caused by ectopic pregnancy or hydatidal fetus. This situation may be caused by gynecological diseases. Women must do a good job in early pregnancy and pay attention to physical examinations during pregnancy.Gynecological diseases are planned to be pregnant.

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