What is fallopian tubal reciprocity?Is the chance of pregnancy after resurgence?

Many people think that the fallopian tubes are linked to get pregnant, and it is enough to unbutton the residential area, but it is not.Due to the different operation methods, the damage of the fallopian tube is often different from the damage caused by the fallopian tube. The more common methods are binding and cutting. The bundle needs to be lifted. If the cut is cut, it needs to be surgery.

Therefore, after ligation, if you want to conceive a second child, you need to determine what kind of ligation method you are, and choose different fallopian tubes according to different ligation methods.

Fallopian tubal reciprocity, also known as fallopian tube sync.It is removed under the laparoscope, the scar tissue or inflammation part of the fallopian tube, after ligation, and partly disconnecting the two breaks to restore it.Votules of fallopian tubes are performed under laparoscopy. They are one of the orthopedic surgery. They are used more clinically. They are technologies for safe and reliable re -opening tubes.

The success rate of pregnancy is affected by many factors, the method of ligation, the physical condition of the husband and wife, the age of pregnancy, daily life conditioning, and postoperative care.

Therefore, couples who are preparing for the second child, it is best to do a scientific pregnancy check together, fully understand their physical conditions, and rule out some unfavorable factors that may affect pregnancy as soon as possible.

Generally speaking, if it is only a problem of influenza tubal, through re -operation, the postoperative pregnancy rate can reach more than 95%!

Do not have a husband and wife life within two weeks after completing the resume. In order to ensure the effect of the fallopian tube resume, it is recommended that the expectant mothers do the tubal examination in the next week after the menstrual period is clean.Occupation.

If the tubal examination is normal, congratulations, you can start to prepare for pregnancy!

1. Prevent infection and do a good job of anti -inflammatory

Drugs and inflammation are two types of anti -inflammatory methods. Patients must listen carefully to doctors’ suggestions to avoid infection due to improper adhesion after surgery, infection and inducing inflammation of peripheral cell tissue.

2. It is forbidden in the same room within two weeks, and the bath is forbidden

The fallopian tube is connected to the palace horns, and the cervix is connected to the vagina. Premature rooms in the same room after surgery will cause upward infection, affecting the recovery of the fallopian tube.

3. Regular postoperative re -examination

Postoperative re -examination is the step that can best assess the specific recovery of the fallopian tube, reminding pregnancy according to the recovery situation.

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