What is breast fibroma?Most of the patients are young women, and they need to be vigilant

Breast fibroma is a tumor, mammal fibroma, mixed with the body’s breast epithelium tissue and fibrous tissue.Generally speaking, breast fibroma is a benign tumor, and the patients are young women.Studies have shown that breast fibroma has a lot to do with the level of sex hormone in the patient’s body.Because the fiber component that constitutes tumor cells is different from the degree of adenocycreatotic hyperplasia, breast fibroma, gonad fibroma, and adenoma are caused.

Breast fibroma mainly occurs on the outer quadrant of the breast. The shape of the presence is generally round or ovate.The clinical test is about 2cm, and the growth is very slow, but it will grow sharply due to pregnancy or breastfeeding.There are a few patients who have breast fibroma in adolescence that fibroma will increase rapidly to about 9cm in a short time, also known as huge fibroma.

1. The cause of breast fibroma?

Due to the strong ovarian function, the level of estrogen in the body is relatively high, and the patient’s response to estrogen is also more sensitive.Therefore, under the long period of stimulation of estrogen, the breast epithelium tissue and fibrous tissue are over -hyperplasia, causing the patient’s breast structure disorders and forming tumors.Due to excessive secretion of breast fibroma and estrogen, this disease mainly occurs in women.For women who do not have menstruation or menopause, breast fibroma is rare.

What are the clinical manifestations of breast fibroma?

The clinical manifestations of breast fibroma are mainly patients with no pain in patients’ breasts. A small number of patients accompanied by breast pain or nipple exudation liquid.The lumps are often discovered inadvertently. There are more separate lumps, and the shapes are mostly round or oval.The diameter is generally about 2cm. Some people are smaller than 2cm, and some people will be more bigger.The boundary of the breast fibroma is relatively clear, the edges are relatively neat, smooth, and more flexible when pressing.In addition, there is no feeling of tenderness, the range of activities is relatively large, and it will not be adhered to the skin.

Clinically, for breast fibroma that does not affect daily life and work, it is possible to use surgery. It only needs to go to the hospital to check to observe whether it worsen.However, the mammal fibroma that has a tendency to deteriorate must be cured by surgical resection.Before preparing breast fibroma patients, it is recommended to remove breast fibroma to avoid increasing breast fibroma because of pregnancy and breastfeeding.Of course, for patients with a family history of breast fibroma, early resection should be considered to avoid deterioration.In addition, for this disease, it is still necessary to prevent prevention.Teenagers should master the correct way to check the breasts, develop the habit of checking each month, and timely find that the disease is treated early.

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