What impact does most pregnant women talk about the turbidity of amniotic fluid?Early learning and early prevention

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Nini’s sister -in -law found that the amniotic fluid was turbid at 9 months of pregnancy, and then had to terminate the pregnancy in advance, causing a child.Now that Nini is pregnant for 6 months, she is afraid of turbid the amniotic fluid. Every time she checks, she will ask the doctor if there is any turbid amniotic fluid.Speaking of the prospective mothers really heard the color of "amniotic fluid turbidity", what is going on with amniotic fluid turbid?Can you avoid it?Let’s take a look at those things about amniotic fluid.

Why is amniotic fluid turbid?

Generally speaking, two reasons cause amniotic fluid turbidity. One is the turbidity caused by fetal fat. Generally, at this time, the fetus development is not mature, so there is no special impact.Pregnant women usually pay attention to drink plenty of water, as long as the clearness of amniotic fluid can rise up.The other is caused by pollution of feces. It is generally divided into three stages according to the different degrees of amniotic fluid, but it is more dangerous no matter which stage is.In this case, it is best to give birth as soon as possible, otherwise the fetus may be in danger of hypoxia.

How does amniotic fluid turbidity affect the fetus?

If the turbidity of the amniotic fluid is not serious, the pregnant woman can improve under the guidance of a doctor and will not affect the fetus.However, if the amniotic fluid is turbid due to the pollution of feces, the fetus will be in a polluted environment, and the fetus may inhale these excrement, which will cause infection and even cause suffocation.Therefore, after discovering such a thing, it is best to let the fetus get out of such an environment in time.If the situation is not serious, you can consider the delivery. If the situation is serious, it is best to have a caesarean section.

How to avoid turbid amniotic fluid?

Most pregnant women know that exercise during pregnancy is good, but pay attention to the moderate exercise and not overdose.Pregnant women should develop a good habit of exercise during pregnancy, but also pay attention to rest.Pay attention to eating less raw cold foods, you can eat more fruits, carrots, etc. to supplement vitamin foods.You can also eat more foods such as coarse grains, lamb, pork.At the same time, pregnant women should also pay attention to drinking plenty of water, and it is advisable to use warm water.

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Tao mother said: The turbid amniotic fluid is a relatively serious situation. Pregnant women are best to learn in advance and then actively prevent it.Don’t wait for such a thing to be in a hurry, it is nothing to do.I hope that all pregnant women can give birth to a healthy baby.

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