What if your boyfriend is pregnant?What will change his body

A story full of youth pain

I am pregnant.

The four words were played and deleted in the dialog box, deleted and hit, and I was determined to send it to your girlfriend who was about to go abroad.

What will she do, she will give you three thousand yuan to get a fetus.

You are sitting alone in a cold chair in the obstetric room, thinking of junior high school biological courses:

The teacher opened a dissection sagittal picture, and taught whip to know the rectum, the prostate, and the cervical mouth was closed deep in the rectum.

After watching a promotional video forbidden early love, the horror film "Dumplings" of Yang Qianyi’s "Dumplings" in the class allows you to understand the abortion.

The induction tool poke between the boy’s legs, and the pain and screams came out of the screen.

At this time, the killing has been completed, and the pink jelly -like fetus slides in a pool of blood. The remaining effect is to use the adult evil to satisfy the obscure delusions of women.

The school school ended with the warning of the teacher’s "good boy to learn to protect himself".

You are not a good boy now, you are pregnant first.

But you have the courage to give birth to the child.

And your courage will be drum for ten months.

In these ten months, your body will experience a large number of hormones, immunity, and metabolic changes, which is no less than the adolescence of the soldiers.

The immune changes in your body prevent reject rejection to the fetus, which causes the parasitic and pathogenic bacteria to the outside world to threaten you.

The body must compensate the fetus from the injury of feeding to toxins. You start to spit, and a little taste of food or smell may arouse vomiting.

However, the pregnancy vomiting at this time is a legitimate vomiting and great vomiting.

So you hold the toilet strongly.

By the way, your Siamese cat was sent away. In order to avoid the infection of the toxoplasty, your family did not let it use a small black claw to finally pick up his trouser legs once when you say goodbye.

With immunosuppression in pregnancy, bacterial loads on intestinal mucosa will also increase.

Pregnancy drives the changes in the intestinal symbiosis flora, and keeps with you to meet the small life.

The first thing that is affected is the metabolism of the pregnant husband. You have metabolic disorders, insulin resistance, and weight gain.

This is to promote your body fat hoarding and energy storage, which can help the fetus grow.

The price is to increase the risk of you suffering from type 2 diabetes, and by the way run the gym to run a good figure.

Not only, your body transformation has not stopped.

Men’s abdominal muscle pressure is too great.

In order to make the growing fetus with space to cap, the rectus muscles will be separated when necessary.

Move the expansion of the uterus from the white line of the abdomen to the sides, leaving the earthworm -like stretch marks.

At the same time, your body secretes lutein. This hormone relaxes your uterine muscles. By the way, your intestinal muscles are relaxed. Coupled with uterine compression and intestinal peristalsis, you have encountered constipation like most pregnant husbands.Passion.

The emotional ups and downs and inconvenience in life in the process of pregnancy may be good.

You are in the basin, and the pain is like a hand holding the uterus, squeezing the child out.

You feel dark when you stand up and wait for your fingers.

This is not a birth bed, a cross.

It was not delivery, but Jesus was punished.

"Sir, take a cesarean section."

If the woman gave birth, the genital tract squeezed the fetus, and the amniotic fluid that squeezed the child’s mouth and nose helped him breathe the first air.

At the same time, the vaginal flora attached to the mucous membrane -bisidobacterium and lactic acid bacteria, as the first group of friends in his birth world, was covered with the whole body and escorted.

But men do not recommend giving birth.

Your birth canal is the rectum. Like chicken eggs, it is inevitable that you will be polluted by feces at birth.

The intestinal flora composition is much more complicated. The pure intestine of the newborn is like a fertile Gori, and it is still a good aerobic environment that many pathogenic bacteria love. In case of bad guys landing first, it is not wonderful to occupy an advantageous ecology.

You see, your pelvic cavity is narrow, it is still a cesarean section.

Cracing, painful Lao Tzu.

Parents signed a cesarean section consent, and the doctor preached the risk of surgery.

Although there are 37%possible postoperative adhesion at a cesarean section, but the benefits think that your tight chrysanthemum has no anal fissure sacrifice and no troublesome trouble after childbirth.

If you go smoothly, the biological crying crying resolves your tears, your grievances, your pain.

Since then, you have become a great father.

Hello everyone, I am Huang Yaoshi, a physiological committee member


Today is Women’s Day.

Speaking of Women’s Day, I think of feminism;

When it comes to feminism, I think of fertility;

When it comes to fertility, I think of the intestinal flora -teaching science and culture.

Most of the modern women should bear the same job as men, do housework after work, and have to have children after housework.

In addition to the difficulties of fertility itself, they must also be alert to encountering sexual harassment, gender discrimination, rape, trash, and domestic violence.

Sexual education has not talked about these things sincerely, and many girls must panic and defend to spend their adolescence or even their lives.

Heavenly reincarnation, who has the heavens spared.

Today, I will do it for the heavens, so that this group of big pig’s hoofs can taste the pain of youth and pain, and a missing sex education course.

from now on,

Know them and respect them,

Praise them and protect them.

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