What happened to women with low back pain?alert!It may be that these diseases are making strange

Due to the fast pace of life of modern people, coupled with rare learning or working habits that have been exercising for a long time, it is easy to form back pain.Back pain is almost a common symptom, but women’s low back pain is not just caused by sedentary.Because the pain of women’s waist and abdomen and internal organs will also develop to low back pain, the causes of women’s low back pain are usually more complicated, and they can be treated with symptoms and treatment.

1. Numerous uterine position abnormal

The normal uterus is between the bladder and the rectum. It is bent forward slightly. There is a ligament traction around it. The position is fixed, but it will change slightly according to the degree of filling of the bladder and rectum.When the uterus appears backward or tilted backwards, inflammation of the uterus and uterine accessories will occur, causing low back pain, which is more common in frequent abortion and multiple pregnancy.When the ligament and muscle structure around the uterus is damaged, the uterus will be shifted downward, and the uterine prolapse will occur, causing lumbar pain.This low back pain can only relieve the pain after the uterine prolapse.

2. Pelvic tumor

With the increase of women’s age, the incidence of pelvic tumors will increase greatly.Common uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, ovarian tumors, etc. are symptoms of back pain due to increasing tumor increasing compression nerves.Tumors also involve lumbar pain caused by peritoneal.

3. Numerical ring abnormalities

The birth ring is a device placed in the uterus to prevent women from getting pregnant.However, the main cause of back pain often causes low back pain is that the model of the birth ring is not in line with the uterine cavity, and the position is placed abnormal.The shape of the birth ring is sharp, and placed in the uterus will stimulate the uterine wall and cause back pain.Therefore, for people who are contraception, they can take out the birth ring and take other ways of contraception.

4. During pregnancy and puzzle period, tiredness

During pregnancy, the weight of the fetus gradually increases. In order to maintain the balance of the body, the waist should be strong, so that the center of gravity can move forward, so it often causes low back pain.The puerperium is also commonly known as confinement. After childbirth, you should pay attention to rest, because the uterus needs to be repaired, and other parts of the body return to the normal position due to the influence of the fetal position.Therefore, pay attention to keep warm during confinement, otherwise low back pain will often appear.

5. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is the most common cause of low back pain.Pelvic inflammatory disease is the main symptoms of low back pain, lower abdomen, and increased leucorrhea, which occurs after cesarean section, ovarian cysts, etc.At this time, the pelvic cavity is easy to adhesive, and the inflammatory response occurs, resulting in low back pain.

Kind tips:

Pay attention to keep warm in normal life and prevent the waist from getting cold.Do not eat cold and irritating food.When a pelvic disease occurs, go to a regular hospital for treatment, and early treatment early treatment.

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