What happened to women with acne on their faces?Who is not suitable for eating?Listen to the nutritionist!

Xiaoli usually loves to eat red dates. She bought 2 pounds of red dates a few years ago. She also heard that they said that eating red dates is good. Not only did they strengthen the spleen and nourish blood. During the Chinese New Year, I ate two pounds of dates for seven or eight days.Yes, there are a lot of acne on my face, dry throat, ask me what is going on?Will it be a matter of eating red dates.

After a conversation with her, I found that the original body was a bit obese, and the tongue coating was yellow and greasy. Because I did n’t go out during the Chinese New Year, I did n’t eat very greasy and heavy taste.EssenceOnly eat red dates every day, and eat about ten every day.

This is an old -fashioned topic, because since the cognition of everyone, eating red dates is blood nourishing blood."Is red", this is really a typical "in shape" (this is no scientific basis).We say that food does not nourish blood, which mainly depends on whether it contains blood supplement.For example: iron, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12.These nutrients are all related to the generation of red blood cells and the coincidence of hemoglobin.The iron content of red dates is 2.1mg, and vitamin B12 is almost free. The content of folic acid is 48.7ug. From the perspective of the content, the content of iron is average, and the content of folic acid is rich.The absorption utilization rate is very low. Similarly, the use of folic acid in food is only 50%, that is, if it is anemia (human ischemia), eating red dates can not work at all.It is also minimal.

Red dates (dry) rich in sugar, dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, etc., also contain a certain amount of vitamin C, B vitamins, protein and minerals.In addition, red dates are also rich in vitamin P and cycloshenosine and soap, so they are good for maintaining the permeability of blood vessels and improving palpitations.In addition, red dates are rich in sugar to enhance physical strength, reduce fatigue, and protect the liver.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that red dates are warm and sweet, and have a certain effect of strengthening the spleen, nourishing blood, and nourishing deficiency.Of course, the nourishing blood here is only to improve the spleen deficiency, enhance the transportation function of the spleen and stomach, and nourish the viscera with the subtle part of the food.So as to achieve a strong body.

Jujube has a good replenishment effect. Most population is available, such as post -illness, adolescents with poor menopausal sleep, and growing and developmental periods.Heat, therefore, it is not suitable for the body’s constitution to be damp -heat and phlegm and dampness, otherwise it will aggravate the symptoms.

some!First of all, from Chinese medicine, the woman itself is obese, and her body is wet, hot, sputum, and such constitutions.From the perspective of modern nutrition, red dates are rich in sugar and have high energy. Excessive sugar and energy intake will also stimulate the secrets of insulin, improve the level of insulin, and increase the level of testosterone in the body (androgen), It will stimulate excessive secretion of cortex gland, thereby blocking pores and acne.Especially the intake of high -free sugar will be more obvious.

Jujube is a good spleen nourishing food, but you ca n’t let go of it. Eat three every day. You can eat 4-5 pieces. You can eat or use it to cook porridge, soup, and soak in water.Remember to rinse your mouth in time after eating, otherwise it will cause yellow or dental caries.If you cook porridge, it is best to break the soup and soak in water, especially soaked in water with short time.

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