What foods do you eat during pregnancy?It is conducive to the smart development and growth of the fetus baby, pregnant mothers pay attention

What to eat during pregnancy to make your baby smarter?

When I am pregnant, mothers are always afraid of missing any nutritious foods. Babies can not grow smartly, so how can I eat it to make the baby grow healthy?

1. Folic acid

For folic acid, the mothers should be allowed to eat folic acid three months before pregnancy. In fact, the usual green leafy vegetables do not have a little cooking for a long time, and they can retain chlorophyll and folic acid substances.Folic acid is sufficient from three months before pregnancy to the 12th week of pregnancy. After the 12th week, you can take composite vitamins.

2. Calcium tablets

Calcium tablets are actually easy to lack calcium in the early stages of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers are also prone to cramps and cramps. Calcium tablets can stop until two weeks before giving birth.

3. Protein

Eat more protein, and usually eat more bean products, shrimp, egg yolk, corn, peanuts, melon seeds, and millet can supplement the vitality of brain cells needed by the baby during the development process, and promote the development of cells in the baby’s brain leaf cortex.Among them, soybeans are ace of protein supplement. Soybeans contain a lot of amino acids and soy lecithin. It is very helpful for the secretion of estrogen during pregnancy and has a coordinated effect on the baby’s brain development.Xiaomi contains high calcium, magnesium -zinc iron vitamin B1B2, etc., which is conducive to the brain development elements required by the fetus in the brain itinerary and enhancing the physical fitness of Baoma.

4. Seafood products

Eating more kelp, kelp is rich in iodine, rich in protein ingredients, fatty acids and calcium elements, iron.Not only can it supplement the iodine element of pregnant mothers, it can also promote the growth and development of the fetus in the growth process, accelerate the metabolism of pregnant mothers, and achieve the role of improving resistance and increasing brain fitness.

5. Fish

There are many DNAs of fish. DNA is the best food that promotes the development of the brain and retinal, improves attention, feels and judges, and memory. Sea fish is even more aggressive. Pay attention to eating deep -sea fish with metal pollution and need to distinguish it carefully.Catfish has the effect of Annon milk, and can also enrich the nutritional nutrition required by the fetal brain development.

6. Walnut

Although walnuts are shaped like brain, they are also called wisdom fruit, walnuts also contain a lot of calcium phosphorus iron and unsaturated fatty acids. 100g contains 20g of protein, as well as many minerals and trace elements, vitamin B2, carotene.The phospholipids in walnuts can help the baby’s brain nerves have a health effect.It is beneficial to brain development.

7. Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables contain a lot of rich vitamins and chlorophyll folic acid, especially tomatoes. Vitamin ABCD is beneficial to the taste of acidic acid during pregnancy and enhances appetite and gastrointestinal digestion.Strawberries should be eaten in the season. Do not eat the anti -seasonal fruits of the greenhouse. Strawberries contain citric acid and calcium iron.It can improve the resistance of the fetus and mother in the abdomen and the nutrition required for the anemia.

Eat more vitamin C’s rich kiwi, citrus, lemon and other fruits. Vitamin C can maintain the balance of red protein in the body, to improve resistance and baby’s brain thinking, enhance memory, and nourish food.

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