What exactly is the "secretion" on women’s underwear?The secretions are in 3 colors, it should be paid attention to

Presumably many female friends have such troubles: I want to go home for a bath for a day, but when I take off my clothes, I can always see my own underwear, there are some "described" things.Urine, but it does not seem to be urine, and the color will change due to changes in time and different physical states.

Whenever you see the residues on the underwear, everyone will inevitably feel worried, is it pregnant? Or is it abnormal menstruation? Maybe even if they are sick? Today, I will answer the truth of "secretions" on women’s underwear.

What exactly is the "secretion" that frequently appears on the panties of female friends?

The "secretions" on women’s underwear are not as dangerous and exaggerated as many friends imagined.Almost all women have this phenomenon.It also has a term of medical profession, called "leucorrhea".

The so -called leucorrhea, we can think of it as the change of body’s estrogen, and then mixes from the uterus, the secretions precipitated in the ovary, and the vaginal penetration.It is one of the normal metabolites.Also as mentioned above, the physiological phenomenon of leucorrhea will also change over time and physical condition.Similar changes are also healthy and normal, so do not need to worry.

What changes will the leucorrhea under normal circumstances?

Normal leucorrhea is biased towards colorless, transparent, slightly sticky, and no weird odor. This is also most cases. In most cases, the leucorrhea state of women’s bodies and the change of leucorrhea will also be carried out on the basis of normal leucorrhea.

The first change: leucorrhea slightly pink or slightly red

Time: Women’s menstrual period

Women at this time, because of menstruation, endometrial endometrial bleeding.And leucorrhea is a combination of uterus and vaginal secretions.The secretion of the uterine is blood, and the leucorrhea during menstruation will also have traces of blood wire and slight redness.

Generally speaking, in this red leucorrhea, as long as there is no obvious pain or abnormal bleeding symptoms, there is no need to worry too much.

The second change: increased leucorrhea volume

Time: On the eve of the menstrual period (about half a month to 1 week)

As mentioned above, leucorrhea is a secretion promoted by estrogen secretion. In the first half of the menstrual period to a week, the level of estrogen in women’s body will naturally promote the growth of leucorrhea.

Therefore, women in this period of time will increase accordingly, and will also be accompanied by the moisture of the vaginal vagina and slightly itchy.

The third change: the amount of leucorrhea becomes less and becomes thicker

Time: Late menstrual period (half a month to 1 month after menstruation after menstruation)

During this time, because of the decrease in estrogen secretion after the moon passes, the amount of leucorrhea will also decrease.However, due to the increase in women’s progesterone in the late menstrual period, leucorrhea will become thick under the effects of progesterone.

Therefore, most of women in the late menstrual period will be in a concentrated and sticky state, which is very normal.Not only that, more women’s body progesterone secretion will also make the color of the leucorrhea slightly yellow. This is an individual difference. Please do not worry too much to avoid affecting normal life.

It can be seen that the secretions on female friends’ underwear are not as dangerous as everyone imagined, but it is just a normal leucorrhea phenomenon. Different time, the normal changes produced by the leucorrhea, identifying and distinguishing.Essence

But it should be noted that since leucorrhea is a product of gynecological organs, its state can also indicate the state of the uterus, ovaries and other organs. Although most leucorrhea symptoms are normal, some abnormal leucorrhea signs also require us to give upNotice.

What are the abnormal leucorrhea? Also, please identify it carefully

① Light gray leucorrhea

If the color of the leucorrhea is light gray, it may be mixed with inflammatory products, such as uterus or vagina, which may have inflammation risk.

Usually, light gray leucorrhea is also accompanied by a strong itching and odor.Once similar situations occur, it is best to go to the hospital for examination in time to conduct corresponding conditioning anti -inflammatory measures.

② Yellow -green leucorrhea

Yellow -green leucorrhea often indicates a special disease, called "trichomoniac vaginitis", and yellow -green is an abnormal product of trichomoniasis and bacterial metabolism.

It should be noted that trichomonas vaginitis exists sexually transmission and infectious life. If similar infection is found, it isolate daily supplies with life partners in a timely manner. At the same time, go to the hospital for sterilization investigation.

③ Long -term blood -red leucorrhea symptoms

We know that moon -red leucorrhea with menstrual moisture is relatively normal.However, if the blood -red leucorrhea lasts too long, the time for menstruation has been abnormally extended, and there are many diseases that cause extension of menstrual period, such as uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps, endometrial diseases, etc.Frequent leucorrhea confusion, timely check treatment, and restore health as soon as possible.

In summary, leucorrhea itself is a physiological phenomenon of women’s health, and it is also the source of "residual" on the underwear. Normal leucorrhea changes and abnormal leucorrhea changes, also ask female friends to understand appropriately in order to observe their gynecology in a timely mannerStatus, better protect your own health.

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