What exactly does not drink "technology and hard work" at all?

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Black tea originated from the Wuyishan tea area in Fujian Province, my country. As one of the main tea produced and exported in my country, black tea is loved by tea friends from all over the world with high fragrance, colorful, and flavor. The processing process is withered, twisted, fermented, and dry.

Jin Junmei

Because the impact of fermentation on the quality of black tea is high, many tea people will optimize in the section of withered and fermentation in order to ensure the stability of fermentation, such as fermentation in the fermentation room.What about black tea with natural conditions (that is, "technology and hard work"), how about drinking?

Breeding Jin Junmei

This black tea that I drink today is a pure handmade black tea provided by the tea friends. First of all, the traditional daylight withering is used in the withering session. It has abandoned the fermentation room in the fermentation session to control the temperature and humidity.To terminate fermentation, and finally dried in the form of carbon roasting.

Dry tea details

First of all, there are differences in dried tea. This black tea is thick, but the bones are very light, and there is almost no feeling in my hand.Secondly, the dried tea cable (twisting) and the color are not very uniform. The color is dark brown and brownish yellow.


Dry tea will smell similar to fermentation. Preliminary speculation may be caused by changes in the fermentation method. The main fragrance is sweet and woody aroma.


After the soup is opened, the color is not in line with the characteristics of the traditional black tea "color", showing a unique yellow bright color. Looking at the color of the soup is more like the color of Pu’er raw tea or oolong tea.The overall oily degree of oily in the tea soup is high, and there is no obvious suspension in the cup and a small amount of sediments.


The entrance to the tea soup is a clear sense of sweetness, with a low aroma. It is a faint flower and fruit aroma. At the same time, because the old tea green is used, the tea soup has a relatively obvious flavor. The biggest difference from traditional black tea is this.Black tea soup is not mellow enough, and does not have the taste characteristics of fermented tea itself, which is closely related to its own fermentation method.Due to the use of natural fermentation, without the help of heating and humidification, it has a low degree of fermentation and uneven fermentation. Therefore, it has its "unique" soup feeling.

Soup color

The overall leaf bottom is still uniform, the main color is tan, and the bottom of the leaf bottom is thicker.

Leaf bottom

The above is the relevant information about this pure handmade black tea. If you use a sentence to describe how this black tea is like, it must be used to describe the most suitable "very unique black tea", although it does not have any "technology and orThe blessing of life, but such a natural production process also makes it more niche.


Have you ever drank very unique black tea?Welcome to communicate with us in the comment area!

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