What do you think of the sheep is pregnant?Teach you at a glance to see if the ewe is pregnant, let’s take a look

Our friends who raised sheep, after successfully breeding the ewe, put a heart and mention it, because we have to start waiting for the ewe to get pregnant successfully.Many of our breeding friends want to know the answer as soon as possible, so that we can be stable. Today, let’s tell you how to see if the quantal is pregnant.

1. The method of judgment that can be usually used

If you want to know if the ewe is pregnant, the most accurate method is to use the B -ultrasound machine, but this is not realistic and completely unnecessary. We can judge whether the ewe is pregnant in terms of the characteristics of the pregnancy.

① One month after breeding by the ewage, if you are pregnant, you will not be in estrus anymore, but if combined with the following characteristics, the ewa is neither pregnant nor estrus. We can use it:

② Pregnant ewes need to provide energy to the fetus and own energy, so the amount of feeding will increase, and it is not picky about forage

③ Pregnant sheep fur will become very bright, and the temperament becomes very docile. It is obviously quiet.

④ After the ewalogy is pregnant, it does not accept the climbing of the ram, and the water door of the pregnancy ewe is pink, and the water door is tightly closed and occasionally flowing out transparent mucus

⑤ Open the upper eyelid of the ewe to see if there is a vertical, thick, purple blood vessels standing directly above the pupils.

If we see these characteristics on our own ewes, it means that the ewage is pregnant, and then we must do a good job of breeding and management of pregnant ewes.

2. Precautions for Pregnancy Breeding

① Group breeding: Pregnant ewes should be separated separately from other sheep. After all, the feeding management of pregnant stals is only different from other sheep, and it can better ensure the safety of the fetus, which can make the fetus healthy and normal.

② The feed should be fed well: Pregnant ewes must not only meet the energy required for their own growth, but also provide nutrition for fetal development. Therefore, let the ewes eat well during pregnancy and feed some forage that is easy to digest.For stubs with thin constitution, feed more concentrates, and also ensure balanced nutrition and prevent the mold of mold.Good health care, enhance the resistance and physique of ewes, can also effectively avoid the occurrence of quarrels after giving birth.

③ Moderate exercise: Pregnant stuff needs more moderate exercise, which can not only enhance the constitution of the ewe, but also help the fetus to develop better and stable, and it is not easy to abortion.And when the ewalogy moves, its physical strength becomes better, and the physical strength can support long -term delivery.

④ Preventing good diseases: The disease of the ewalogy can easily affect the development of the fetus, so we must do a good job of prevention of the disease. The vaccine that should be done must be done well.Do a good job in the environment of the circle, keep the circle of sanitation, regularly disinfection and sterilize, and reduce the breeding of bacteria.

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