What do you need to pay attention to when you are pregnant with hepatitis B and Sanyang

In most cases of hepatitis B and Sanyang patients, liver function abnormalities will occur, and pregnancy will affect the health of mother and baby.This has a great impact on the birth of patients with hepatitis B.Can patients with hepatitis B and three Yangs be determined according to the specific situation.Most patients with hepatitis B and big three yangs have normal liver function, and hepatitis B DNA quantitative can be pregnant.Pregnancy is a physiological process. In most cases of hepatitis B, hepatitis B, hepatitis B will occur in the majority of patients with liver dysfunction, and pregnancy is not conducive to mother and baby health.This has a great impact on the birth of patients with hepatitis B.Can patients with hepatitis B and three Yangs be determined according to the specific situation.

Patients with hepatitis B and three Yangs can get pregnant when they reach normal liver function, hepatitis B DNA quantitative is normal

Pregnancy is a physiological process, and most pregnant women can safely spend the pregnancy period.However, the physical condition during pregnancy will change a lot. It is recommended to comprehensively perform a comprehensive medical examination before pregnancy. The doctor of a regular hospital will be evaluated to ensure the safety of pregnancy.In addition to the regular pre -delivery examination during pregnancy, liver merit must also be monitored. The obstetrics are allowed to review the B -ultrasound of the liver and gallbladder and spleen.Disposal in time, actively conduct various examinations, and clear diagnosis.If you determine the abnormal liver function, or the jaundice, and the B -ultrasound are obviously abnormal, it is necessary to actively deal with it.For the newborn of HBSAG -positive mother, it should be injected as soon as possible within 24 hours of birth. Hepatimony B immunoglobulin (HBIG) should be injected as soon as possible. It is best to vaccinate the hepatitis B vaccine in different parts within 12 hours, which can significantly increase the blocking mother and baby spread.Effect.Hepatitis B and Sanyang pregnant those are best to go to a regular hospital for hepatitis B treatment to stabilize their condition to ensure the safety of children.

Hepatitis B and Sanyang need to do pre -delivery examination on time

During production to give birth to regular large hospitals, it is best to take a cesarean section plan to prevent normal natural delivery from passing the birth canal to the baby’s vertical infection.The newborn will injection a hepatitis B immunoglobulin within 48 hours after birth, and then inject one in two weeks, and then use hepatitis B vaccine to protect the protection rate of 70%-90%.Inside, he hepatitis B vaccine was performed as early as possible according to the "0, 1, 6 scheme".In this way, more than 95%of newborns can be exempted from the mother and baby of the mother and baby of hepatitis B mothers and get a healthy body.

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