What do you dream of your loved ones

“”What does it mean to dream of your relative representatives?You do n’t believe that the day before you died, you can go to visit your family thousands of miles.This happened in 2006. At that time, Jozi was still working in Tianjin.The day when the incident happened on Friday, Qiangzi made a dream of his grandma who dreamed of his own night before, and came to Tianjin to find himself.In a dream, Qiangzi asked him so far. What are you doing?The old lady was cheerful, so she said she wanted to turn around, and she wanted to be a strong son. Come and see.After waking up, Qiangzi thought about waiting for the weather, and warmly picked up his grandma and went to Tianjin City.But after a while, Qiangzi began to make trouble, and it was not pleasing to see anything. I thought in my heart. This time I called home, because before I heard that my grandmother was ill, the old man was the old man, the old man was the old man.Eighty -eight years old, with this hypertension, coronary heart disease.He thought that he didn’t know that his old man was so good now, thinking about it, this phone suddenly rang. At first glance, he came from his mother. When he came, he told Johnson.EssenceThe strong son was a little embarrassed at the time, and hurried to buy a ticket and hurried to his hometown.At that time, Jozi was also in a girlfriend, because he was anxious, and did not explain two people with his girlfriend.Because of this, I still broke up.After being strong, the old man had passed away. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see the last side of the elderly.In the evening, Johito took the initiative to ask for the homepage of the elderly at the time that it was March. The temperature in the Northeast was still very cold, especially the leader of minus 20 degrees at night.That night, the wind was very strong, and the ames stopped the general.And this awareness is a separate courtyard, a very remote wall. It is a position of kneeling on the main entrance. The back is also a small bubble of thirty watts on the door.Due to the often burning paper money, this reason is also a layer of black and gray on the bulb. The whole house is very wasteful.Qiangzi always couldn’t believe that the elderly had left. To the long light, I told the old man, how can you be loving for me during your lifetime, and in the dark, Jozi feels like there is a person around him.Because at that time, John, he kneeling, was a hidden corner with a low head. This Yu Guang could clearly see a pair of thin shoes.To be honest, this situation can not bear even those who died.Think about it at the time that I only felt numbness, and my hands were not good at the ground, and I didn’t dare to look up.But those feet are in front of the bed. The north wind is scraping this yellow paper skewers.The room was suddenly bright.At that time, the sweat on Qiangzi had already wet the autumn clothes and autumn pants, and I could only comfort himself and say that my grandma will not hurt himself, just looking forward to at this moment, there will be a person at this moment.Come here, even if it is a child, then it is okay, wait for about an hour after the following.Qiangzi is a big guy who can’t hold it. You can think about it, put it on the icy cement for more than an hour, and don’t wear gloves.At this time, it was frozen, and the whole person also made this heart fierce, and it was straight to this upper body.When Qiangzi turned his face over, there was nothing next to him. Only the command was drifting in the room.At this time, the wind didn’t seem to be so big. God was exposed. Looking up on the wall slightly, just looked at it and lifted his grandma.Looking at this, grandma was calm and lying there, and it was a long breath in my heart.In the next few days, the ashes must be lived at first, everything is smooth and neat, and there are any strangeness.However, after John returned to Tianjin, he saw his grandma again.Well, we only tell stories, not superstitious, click on a concern, see the next issue.

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