What do you do every week?Precautions for Super Gestation

Girls who are pregnant, what do you want to do in each gembroken week here.I have sorted it out. In addition to the birth check, there are some other precautions during the daily pregnancy. Pregnant mothers who need to be kept may pay more attention to. If there are other other people who need supplementation, you can leave a message in the comment area!

Pregnant woman

1. 4-5 weeks of pregnancy

Urine test or blood draw confirming pregnancy

Preservation: Find the attending doctor and determine the fetal protection plan

Folic acid cannot stop. It should start to eat since three months before pregnancy. If you do n’t eat it, you can eat more now

2. 5-6 weeks of pregnancy

Tire protection: monitor HCG double; take the appropriate fetal preservation medicine

3. 6-7 weeks of pregnancy

B ultrasound confirm in -palace pregnancy

Some hospitals need to grab the production and prosecutors at this time

Preservation: According to the size and situation of the embryo, the doctor will check and adjust the fetal medicine

4. 8-10 weeks of pregnancy

Pregnant vomiting/drowsiness/what can you eat if you can eat

Tire protection: B -ultrasound+blood drawing monitor+medication to protect tires

5. 11 weeks of pregnancy

Build a small card for community hospitals

Hospital appointment for obstetrics building big card

6. 12 weeks of pregnancy

NT examination


Graduated in the first phase of the fetus

Happy report

7. 13 weeks of pregnancy

Non -invasive DNA or Tang family screening two choices

You can tell your family/company colleagues/friends

Start preparing clothes during pregnancy

8. 14 weeks of pregnancy

The pregnancy reaction is basically over, let yourself eat better

Can’t be too presumptuous, it’s not until the weight can increase madly

9. 15 weeks of pregnancy

There may be a problem of constipation, pay attention to drink plenty of water and eat more vegetables

You can go to the hospital or community course

10. 16 weeks of pregnancy

Down’s screening

Key projects can be monitored by tire protection.

11. 17 weeks pregnant

The belly becomes larger, and the pregnant woman pillows prepare

You can add DHA (or start to make up earlier)

You can properly perform some pregnancy yoga, you can consult a doctor, the personal placenta position or medical history is very important

Yoga during pregnancy

12. 18 weeks of pregnancy

Can be used for amniotic fluid puncture

You can feel the fetal movement of vomiting bubbles

13. 19 weeks of pregnancy

You can pop up in the second trimester, but you should pay attention to consulting the doctor. Personal placenta or medical history is important.

Don’t forget prenatal education, the baby has been listening to a sound since 16 weeks

14. 20 weeks of pregnancy

Big Raid

Try to lie on the left side to sleep

15. 21 weeks of pregnancy

Prepare to make an appointment for Yueyue or Confinement Center

Preservation: Continue to monitor abnormal blood, look at the cervix, check umbilical cord blood, etc.

16. 22 weeks of pregnancy

You can learn about production, breast milk, touch, parenting and other related knowledge in class

Doctors may suggest that you supplement calcium supplementation


17. 23 weeks of pregnancy

Preparing for cribs and cabinets in advance, it takes time to disperse in advance

Pay attention to control blood sugar in advance

Remember to walk for 30-60 minutes after dinner every day

18. 24 weeks of pregnancy


To start buying a choice

The baby’s body is larger, and the stomach may be uncomfortable

19. 25 weeks of pregnancy

Doctors in the checkup may allow you to replenish blood

You can apply olive oil to avoid stretch marks

If there is a history of fetal stopping in the third trimester, the checkup should be close

20. 26 weeks of pregnancy

Will secrete the collapse, don’t pick it up

21. 27 weeks of pregnancy

You can make an appointment to take a picture of a pregnant woman, you may have some edema

22. 28 weeks of pregnancy

Pay attention to control weight. At this time, be careful not to slip down

23. 29 weeks of pregnancy

You can think about your baby’s name in advance

Preservation: Continue to key project inspections, adjust the medication at any time

24. 30 weeks of pregnancy

Second -row malfunction

Go to the pre -delivery course with your husband

25. 31 weeks of pregnancy

You can start using a nipple cream; pseudochoa may occur

26. 32 weeks of pregnancy

The prospective dad can speak more with the baby; you can start several fetal movements

27. 33 weeks of pregnancy

Baby growth B -ultrasound examination (small rows/eclampsia/prevention of premature birth)

A respiration problems and the protruding navel

28. 34 weeks of pregnancy

Understand Lamazawa breathing; perineal massage reduces tearing and side cutting

29. 35 weeks of pregnancy

Pack your infant room and baby supplies; insisting on exercise can help


30. 36 weeks of pregnancy

Fetal heart monitoring; pelvic floor muscle training; starting into the basin

31. 37 weeks of pregnancy

It’s full of moon!Summary B -ultrasound (fetal position check+confirmation production method)

Sort out the luggage taken to the hospital; understand the production process of the hospital

32. 38 weeks of pregnancy

Learn the knowledge of confinement; learn the signs of labor;

33. 39 weeks of pregnancy

Routine production inspection; baby clothes, bath towels, etc.


34. 40 weeks of pregnancy

Prepare production at any time; make postpartum preparation

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