What did the 19 -year -old girl get pregnant before they got pregnant?Why is this?

Who are you pregnant first?boy?girl?Or family education?Or society?

Unmarried pregnancy can be said to be abound in our lives. You may be one of them who read this article!

Now that two people are in love, most people want to live together and want to immerse themselves in the sweetness of love, but how many people can live from love together until they get married and have room?There are few!

Often the last injury is each other. The departure of either party leaves the remaining party is an indelible pain. Looking at the rooms where they live in a few years, they often give their lives in each other.Cause great harm!

The most terrible thing for girls is unmarried first, but even more terrible is that the girl is pregnant, but the boy leaves her, regardless of whether it is!

Such a story!

About three years ago, I met a girl on the Internet and knew through the game. It was about 19 years old.

A cheerful girl, who did not go to work when she graduated from junior high school, came out to work. At the age of 19, she was in the society for 4 years. The parents in the family were divorced. Only 9 grandparents took her.It should be said how much the parents’ divorce has brought her to her.

Not long after knowing, she met a boy in the game. She was one year old and 18 -year -old boy. The game played well, and the voice was gentle and good. Over time, the two began the so -called online dating in our mouth.

After a long period of time, I often played games together. Seeing the two of them said and laughed, it was really the love of children.

Later, one day playing the game, the boy did not go online.Asked her and said that he came to find her by train today, and the two met today.

As soon as I heard it, it was good, and it was rare to meet online dating.

For a period of time, the two lived together, and the boys also found a job locally.

The two may be together. Later, about two months, the same time was playing games. The boy did not go online. I asked her and said they broke up.

I heard it, alas, this is not right!

She said that in the past two months, he did not go to work every day, so he stayed at home. I salad for 4,000 people alone, but he told me every time he would go to work.The contract, but the drag again, one day, I found that he had two WeChat signals …

I understand here.

She: Later, I broke up with me. At first he disagreed, and said how much love me, how to break up.Later, I said, since you have a girlfriend, why come to me?

The boy suddenly didn’t speak, stayed silently for a night, and packed up the next day.

In her opinion, just go away, you can get rid of it, but …

When she was pregnant for the third month, she found that she was pregnant. When she found it, she went to check for two months. It is conceivable that a 19 -year -old girl, her parents divorced, and she was pregnant again. The monthly wages were unstable.It takes money to do people, and you need to cultivate again after finishing.

When she discovered, she called the boy and said that she was pregnant. The boy didn’t say anything, and did not say to see her, and said that she asked her to give birth to the child.

You should be as incredible as I heard here!

She told me, I want to kill my child.

I said what do you do?Who takes care of you after finishing?

She said: It’s okay, I will borrow some friends first, and then return slowly.

Later, I also asked the boy to talk to him, and told him that at least you didn’t come to see her. At least the at least money you had to give her, as a man’s responsibility.

The boy just said: No money!


Later, the girl did a painless abortion by itself, and went back to work on the third day!

I think there are not many girls like her in this society in this society now, but there are many.

In my opinion, the most fundamental impact is the divorce of parents. The lack of education for children. Girls are really vulnerable in the society, so parents need to give enough education.

The influence of the divorce of the parents has a great impact. Compared with the family harmony, the children who are loving by their parents will always lack something.

Unmarried pregnancy will leave a bad impact on the girl’s body and future life.

The younger the younger, the easier it is to happen.

I don’t know what you think of unmarried pregnancy first?Communicate together!

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