What changes will women have after pregnancy?

1. Pelvic leaning forward, women often feel the pain of the waist after pregnancy.After pregnant women are pregnant, pelvic leaning will have a great impact on the delivery of pregnant women.Many people find that their pelvis leaning forward will be very worried, worrying that the baby in their belly will be affected by pelvic leaning.In fact, the problem of pelvic pelvic pelvis is still more common. Pregnant women are best to improve the pelvic forward leaning in time.

2. The thighs and waist become thicker, and the sides of the waist are particularly easy to have long lines.Some people say that stretch marks are the first troubled gift from the baby to the mother.The stretch marks are small fine lines on the skin.Most of the pregnancy marks grow on the belly. It is to meet the growth needs of the baby. The pregnant mother’s belly will quickly increase the elastic fiber of the skin to be damaged or broken to varying degrees.Stretch marks vary from person to person, control weight, balance nutrition, and skin care can effectively prevent stretch marks.The removal of stretch marks after giving birth has massage, exercise, and diet.

3. Some parts on the body will turn black, especially the neck and armpit are particularly prone to pigmentation.

4, sensitive and love crying.After pregnancy, the emotions are particularly fragile. My husband must follow, otherwise, crying for you.After pregnancy, women become very sensitive caused by hormones in the body.When women are pregnant, a large amount of hormones in the body will play a role. Not only will the original hormones rise, but they will also continue to produce new hormones.Such as HCG, progesterone, and estrogen, all of which are secreted in large quantities.The hormone environment and proportion of pregnant women’s body will change. Compared with before pregnancy, it will be different. This will affect the nerves that regulate emotions in the brain of pregnant women. ThereforeCondition.

5. Sweat.It is particularly easy to sweat after pregnancy, and it is particularly easy to be afraid of heat in summer.Pregnant women are prone to sweating are normal. This is because female estrogen becomes more during pregnancy and increased protein concentration in the blood. As a result, the monk’s upper and lower cortex function is more aggressive, and the metabolism of pregnant women becomes more.Become more.

6. Edema.After pregnancy, the feet edema becomes larger than the shoes, and can even wear slippers to relieve the following methods to relieve the edema of pregnant women: 1. Take a walk and swelling method.Walking can not only relieve the mood of pregnant women, but also have effects on the treatment of edema during pregnancy.When pregnant women are walking, the muscles of the calf are contracted by contraction, which can make venous blood flow back to the heart, enhance blood circulation, and effectively relieve edema.Second, food swelling method.During pregnancy, because the body function regulates the function of water and salt is affected, pregnant women should pay special attention to the daily salt intake, and must not exceed 6g.In addition, you should also pay special attention to sufficient protein and food with rich iron content. Eat more egg milk products and soy products to maintain nutritional balance.Third, massage the swelling method.It is recommended that the prospective dad pinch his feet for the expectant mother after meals, stabb the calf, and enhance the blood circulation by massage to alleviate the swelling of pregnant women.

How many of these symptoms are you hit?

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