What can’t be done during pregnancy?Do not offend these 9 wrong pregnant women, which will affect the normal development of the fetus

Sister Lin is 42 years old. She watched the relatives and friends around her with a second child one after another. The family was very envious.So I discussed with her family, preparing to regenerate, her husband and mother -in -law were happy, and supported her thoughts very much.

After a few months of pregnancy, Sister Lin was finally pregnant. Thinking of the first child is very healthy, there should be no problem in this fetus, so she did not go to pregnancy.Ten months have passed, and Sister Lin finally gave birth to a son as expected.When her mother -in -law was happy to take the child from the doctor, she couldn’t laugh.

The child’s eyes are wide, the bridge of the nose is low, and the outside of the eyes is obvious, which is very obvious.The mother -in -law was very angry and the baby was so angry that she returned to Lin’s arms and threw a sentence: "There is a fool, it is better not to give birth!Turn around and leave.Sister Lin also regretted it at this time. If a birth check during pregnancy, there will be no ending today.

It is not easy to get pregnant in October!During pregnancy, some of the small moves of expectant mothers are related to the health and safety of themselves and the fetus. The following errors can not be committed.

1. Do not do a checkup:

Some expectant mothers knew that they did not go to the hospital for examination after pregnancy, and ignored the health care during pregnancy, so that the fetal position was incorrect and the deformed fetus, and accidents did not regret it until the occurrence of childbirth.Sister Lin was because she was careless during pregnancy and did not do a checkup. As a result, she gave birth to a Tang family and regretted her life!Specific mothers should be considered.

2. Do not calculate the due date:

Some expectant mothers do not calculate the due date after pregnancy, and they still go away before giving birth, causing delivery on the way.I often see some expectant mothers on motors, planes, and roadside in the news.Remind expectant mothers, try to avoid giving the door alone in the third trimester.

3. Abuse medicine:

During pregnancy, drugs such as antibiotics, sedatives, anesthesia, hormones, etc. during pregnancy can easily cause fetal malformations.Especially in the early pregnancy is the critical when deformed, be careful.

4. Diet, picky eaters:

Specific mothers have diet and picky eaters can cause nutritional insufficiency and hinder the normal development of the fetus.Greeting can cause excess nutrition, leading to obesity of the mother, excessive fetal fetuses, and causing difficulty.

5. Do not exercise:

Specific mothers are lazy and do not do anything. Lack of exercise causes obesity, which is not good for the fetus.Some expectant mothers said that since they are pregnant, they have eaten asleep, woke up, and have not done exercise.It is recommended that the physical condition allows, and the appropriate exercise will help smooth delivery.

6. Contact radiation:

In the early pregnancy, expectant mothers exposed to X -ray too much.These radioactive substances are prone to fetal malformations.

7. Husband and wife life is not restrained:

In the early pregnancy and late pregnancy, the life of the couple is not restrained, which can easily cause abortion, premature birth and intrauterine infection.

8. Smoking, drinking

Specific mothers smoke, nicotine in the cigarettes enter the blood from the respiratory tract to the fetus, affecting the fetal development or even abortion.

Alcohol is a kind of teratogenic factor. Drinking of expectant mothers can destroy the growth of embryo cells, which not only causes the fetus to develop slowly, but also causes malformations of certain organs.

9. Emotional abnormality:

The long -term mood of expectant mothers will affect endocrine function and is not good for the fetus.Today, I just saw a news. A pregnant mother and husband who were 8 months pregnant went out and went out of the car. As a result, because of physical strength, I was unconscious in the car. Fortunately, the traffic police found and rescued.Therefore, the mood during pregnancy is not good, not only bringing crisis to yourself, but even harm to the baby.To maintain a relaxed and happy mood, the pregnant mother will be conducive to the healthy growth of the fetus.

Xiaoshu’s mother message: Being pregnant in October, be careful. Pregnant mothers must also master the correct knowledge of nourishing tires. Don’t believe what others say, otherwise they will likely hurt the fetus.What did you do during pregnancy?

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