What can I pay attention to when the ovarian cyst is pregnant?

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Ovarian cysts are common diseases of women. Because their symptoms are not particularly obvious, many female friends usually do not know that they have ovarian cysts. Many are pregnant.Bound, can children still ask for this situation, what do you need to pay attention to? Let’s take a look today.

Can ovarian cysts get pregnant?

1. The first thing to say is that the ovarian cysts that women appear can be pregnant. Ovarian cysts are a type of ovarian tumor. We know that ovarian is a place where eggs develop and mature, and finally discharged.It has a certain impact on fertility.

2. For the smaller cysts that appear, it will not affect pregnancy, but for slightly larger cysts, because the cysts are relatively fast, the transportation of ovarian blood is still vastrovasion, and may occur may occur.In the case, the patients had rapid and chronic reversal.

3. The last thing to say is for those patients with relatively large cysts. It is recommended to remove the cysts by surgery first, and then choose to choose pregnancy.Cause.Just pay attention to rest after surgery.

Ovarian cyst harm

1. Aging in advance: Ovarian cysts are not treated for a long time, which will cause women with endocrine disorders, no gloss on their faces, entering the age of age in advance.Essence

2. Difficulty in fertility: Ovarian cysts will gradually become larger, affecting the combination of sperm and eggs, making it impossible to conceive normally, which will lead to infertility.The ovarian function gradually declines, the menstruation stops, the ovarian has no fresh cell flow, the survival rate of eggs is extremely low, the sperm cannot fall normally, and it will induce infertility.

3. Multisancing: Female patients who suffer from ovarian cysts in early pregnancy are susceptible to miscarriage. When the cyst becomes larger, it may be difficult to produce.

4. Evil changes: The continuous increase of ovarian cysts will bring in the external bacteria and viruses into, causing ovarian infections, thereby edema, congestion, inflammation, etc., the possibility of evil changes, directly threatening the patient’s life.

What to do if ovarian cysts during pregnancy

1. Ovarian cysts are generally discovered during the early determination of pregnancy. About 12%found in early pregnancy are luteal cysts, sometimes 8-10 cm.pain.Generally, it disappears within 3 months, and it is gone after three months.

2. When a ovarian cyst is found, B -ultrasound should be done to help clarify the nature of the mass and further clarify the diagnosis.

3. If it is a pathological tumor, such as chocolate cysts, teratoma, slurry cyst adenoma, etc., it is found in early pregnancy and then reviewed after three months.If it was discovered three months later, there were more than 5 cm, and it could be surgically removed at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the placenta was formed, and the embryo had entered the middle period to be more stable to bear the blow of surgery.Pay attention to rest and tire protection after surgery.

4. If the ovarian cyst is not large, it does not hinder the growth of the uterus, you can wait for resection after giving birth.If you have a twist and rupture, surgery should be surgery at any time.If malignant changes, surgery should be immediately.

5. When the ovarian tumor is in the lower section of the uterus in the lower pregnancy, it affects the fetal head into the pot.While doing cesarean section, you should seriously explore the ovarian tissue on both sides and remove ovarian mass.

Precautions for ovarian cysts

1. The diet should be light, the diet should be rich in nutrients, correct the partial food and abnormal eating habits, and do not eat mutton, shrimp, crab, eel, salted fish, black fish and other hair products.

2. Avoid irritating foods and beverages such as pepper, hemp peppers, raw shallots, raw garlic, and liquor.

3. Fast foods such as cinnamon, red dates, gelatin, royal jelly, etc.

4, eat more lean meat, chicken, eggs, quail eggs, catfish, turtles, white fish, cabbage, asparagus, celery, spinach, cucumber, winter melon, shiitake mushrooms, tofu, kelp, seaweed, fruits, etc.

5. Avoid high tension and mental stimulation, maintain optimism and sufficient sleep.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a better understanding of ovarian cysts, so you must pay more attention to your body, especially before you prepare for your child, you should go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination to avoid the above on the above.In the case, pay more attention to your own diet.

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