What can charming thin face acupuncture?(Suggestion collection)

Everyone should be unfamiliar with botulinum. It can not only improve the big cake face, eliminate crow’s feet, but also save radish legs.Botox is loved by many beauty seekers, but do you really understand botulinum?What kind of person is suitable for injection of botox?What kind of disease certificate and side effects will occur after injection?Under normal circumstances, how long can botox be maintained …

First of all, what is type A botulinum toxin?

The production of clinical effects is from the pharmacological effect of type A botulinum toxin itself.Type A botulinum is a natural purified protein obtained from botulinum -like spores.It can block the release of neurotraneated acetylcholine at the synapse of the neuromuscular connection, which causes the muscle tension to decrease, temporarily paralysis, relaxation and atrophy. It can also improve the wrinkles by temporarily weakening the expression of hyperthyroidism.

do you know?Only two A type A botulinum suppliers have been approved in China.

Type A botulinum drugs now have only two legal supply manufacturers in China. One is the "Lanzhou Hengli" type A botulinum toxin produced by the Domestic Lanzhou Biological Products Research Institute, and the other is the A -type meat from Allergan.Toxin "BOTOX".By products other than these two products have not been approved by the CFDA, that is, the State Food and Drug Administration, they are illegal.

Type A botoxin can lose face and can remove wrinkles!

Face-thin needle: (botulinum toxin-chewing muscle) The commonly used injection site is the masseter muscle. By shrinking the masseter muscle, the purpose of improving the lower part of the face is achieved.The principle is to use type A botulinum toxin to block the transmission of neurotomy muscles, to relax and paralyze the simplicity and hypertrophic masseter muscles, and finally atrophy to achieve the purpose of thinning the face.It usually takes 3-4 days, and the best effect is about 4-6 weeks after injection. The maintenance time of the efficacy is generally about 6 months.

Injecting wrinkle removal: (botulinum toxin-expression muscle) The facial expression muscles and skeletal muscles are different, and the shape and function are relatively independent. Most of them are connected with fibrous tissue with the skin and superficial fascia, thereby expressing the facial expression finely.Due to the long -term mechanical movement of facial expression muscles, the skin produces wrinkles (dynamic wrinkles), especially some habitual emoticons, excessive use of a certain or group of expression muscles to make it in a state of hyperthyroidism for a long time.Permanent wrinkles.The application of botulinum toxin injection in some expressions that produce wrinkles will block the release of neurotransal acetylcholine, thereby decrease muscle tension or temporarily paralyzed local muscles. Wrinkles (especially dynamic wrinkles) can gradually improve and gradually improve and anddisappear.

Injecting wrinkle removal is a safe and effective method of removing wrinkles. Use a trace injection to accurately inject a small amount of botulinum toxin into the muscles that produce wrinkles to block the release of neurotransal acetylcholine.The activity weakened, and the local muscles were temporarily paralyzed and paralyzed. After 2-4 days after injection, the effect gradually began. Generally, 7-14 days wrinkle removal effect was obvious.Cutsum, fine lines of the eye bags, nasal back patterns (rabbit patterns), 颏 鱼 and neck wrinkles are effective, especially for early dynamic wrinkles, and those with less relaxation of the skin.The drug maintenance time is about 4-6 months.

Please choose a reliable doctor to inject botox for you

Botoxin does not pass liver metabolism, and only acts on local muscles. There is rarely a serious adverse reaction of the whole body. Use regular drugs to inject professional and regular plastic surgery institutions. Safety can be guaranteed.

However, it is necessary to remind those who seeks beauty that injection of botulinum toxin is not a simple life beauty project, but a medical project.It has strict professional requirements for drug configuration, dosage, injection position, injecting depth and angle. Professional doctors must be familiar with relevant anatomical knowledge, and the distribution of facial nerves and muscles must be trained for a certain time to engage in injection beauty.operate.

It turns out that botulinum toxin can be used like this!

When the facial non -symmetrical smile is congenital or the acquired causes cause the patient to laugh or smile, the bilateral asymmetry is asymmetry.The cause of the cause is weakened or hyperactive due to the upper and lower lip phases.Injecting small-dose botoxin on the protruding part of the muscle tension on one side of the muscle tension can improve the asymmetric smile, the action time is 4-6 months.

The calf shaping is the same as the principle of thinning the face. Injecting botoxin can also achieve the shaping effect for the thick calf caused by the developed calf muscles.During the treatment, in the inner or outer part of the gastrocnemius muscle on the back of the calf, injecting is selected, it can eliminate muscle strength and make the lower diameter of the calf smaller.However, the dosage of botulinum toxin required is large, usually about 300 units. Injects must be cautious, and professional institutions must be selected.(Out of security reasons, our hospital will not carry out this project for the time being)

The treatment of botulinum toxin under the armpit can treat hyper -sweat.Botoxin is injected under the armpits on both sides to inhibit the secretion of sweat glands under the armpit.Generally speaking, each injection effect can be maintained for about 6 months.

Injecting botulinum toxin -related precautions:

1. Stop using aspirin and aspirin drugs 14 days before injection;

2. Cosmetic products should be discontinued on the day of injection. Faces should not be washed and makeup within 6 hours after injection. You can restore makeup 1 day after injection.

3. After the injection, you should observe for 20-30 minutes to confirm that there is no discomfort after leaving the hospital;

4. Keep vertical position within 2-4 hours after injection to avoid lying flat;

5. Do not massage the local area on the day of injection to prevent botulinum toxin from spreading around.

6. Avoid eating hard food after injection; fasting spicy food, tabbra and alcohol after one week

7. Avoid strenuous exercise 1-2 days after injection.

8. It is best to come to the hospital after 10-14 days.

These five types of people are not suitable for injection botox:

1. For those who are allergic to the ingredients of the injection product or allergies (such as protein such as eggs);

2. Pregnant women, prepare for pregnancy and breastfeeding within 6 months;

3. It should not be injected under the age of 18;

4. Those who use amino glycoside antibiotics at the same time should not be injected;

5. Severe muscle weakness, multiple sclerosis and other immunotherapy diseases or utensils should not be injected.

We should also understand the related disease certificate and side effects after the botulinum toxin injection:

After injection, headache, local rash, edema and cold -like symptoms;

Severe allergic reactions such as urticaria, soft tissue edema, difficulty breathing, and allergic shock are extremely rare, but once it occurs, it must be supported in time (choose a regular hospital to safeguard)

Asymmetric occurs due to inaccurate injection doses;

Pay the needle bleeding or hematoma, and local bruises;

The upper eyelid drooping, incomplete eyelid closing, incomplete eyelid closure, unnatural eyebrows, flying eyebrows, and eyebrow height may occur after injection of the eyebrows, the eyebrow shape is not natural, the eyebrows, and the eyebrows on both sides;

Injecting at the crow’s feet may be resurrected and close -closed;

The middle part of the face is injected with botulinum toxin, and some patients cannot make some expressions (especially fine expressions) after injection, and have mask -like feelings.Only experienced doctors can do it, and the dose must be small)

Inject botulinum toxin in the lower part, a few patients are unnatural or asymmetric, and saliva in a small number of patients;

Early in the early stages of botulinum toxin injection, chewing weakness, soreness, weakness of Zhang Da mouth, etc., especially for the first injection patients; because of chewing habits, there may be mild asymmetry on both sides after injection;The local depression in the lower district is because the speed of muscle atrophy is faster than the surface of the surface of the surface of the skin or the drug is scattered around the surroundings. Generally, the above problems are gradually improved after the injection of February;

After the first treatment of the first treatment, the review should be performed. At this time, the treatment effect and complications of the treatment began to appear.A few patients may need to supplement injection.

Other dry goods about botulinum injection ~~~

How to judge the size of the masseter muscles by yourself: grit your teeth in front of the mirror, look at the shape of the lower part of the face; the habit of chewing on the side causes both sides asymmetry.The specific situation also needs to send photos or face -to -face diagnosis to doctors.

Regarding the efficiency time and maintenance time: After the injection of botulinum toxin is thin, it will take effect in 1-2 weeks, reach the peak in about 6 weeks, and gradually weaken the efficacy of 3-4 months. Generally, the utility of 6-8 months will completely disappear.After repeated injection, after continuous injection of 3-5 times, the volume of the masseter muscles will shrink to a certain extent.

About injection frequency: The important parameters of botulinum toxin thinning the face are the drug dose and injection frequency.The new view is that for the first time, 40-50 units are injected for the first time, 3-5 points. After that, it is recommended to return to the consultation per month. Adjust the dose according to the injection effect. Through communication, the second, third, four, and five months after injection can be injected.30-40 units are added respectively; or 30-40 units per side are maintained every 3-4 months.The balance point of clinical effects and injection parameters is being explored, so it is important to follow up and fully communicate after injection.

Regarding the soreness and weakness of the soreness after injection: the botulinum toxin injection can be chewing weakness, sore phenomenon, weakness of Zhang Da mouth, etc., especially for the first injection patient; because of chewing habits, there may be on both sides after injection.Mild asymmetric; local depression in the skin or lower area, because the speed of muscle atrophy is faster than the surface of the surface of the surface, or the drug is spreading around the surroundings.Generally, the performance is slight, the incidence is not high, and the situation is not obvious. The above -mentioned situations often improve the above problems after February, without other treatment.

The reason and corresponding countermeasures of facial facialness: There are many reasons for the large facial.Among them, patients with developed masseter muscles are suitable for botulinum toxin injection.However, if it is caused by other reasons, such as too much fat can be improved according to the situation according to the situation; due to the protruding of the cheekbones (wide in the middle of the face) or the mandibular angle hypertrophy (large bone in the lower face)Method improvement.

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