What are the treatment methods of various abortion?

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When there is symptoms of miscarriage, many female friends will feel very worried and nervous. What should I do at this time? After women have a miscarriage, they should first diagnose the type of abortion and then take treatment measures.The following introduces 6 kinds of abortion treatment methods. What are the treatment methods of various abortion?

1. Breakfast abortion: To perform ultrasound examination and other auxiliary examinations to determine whether the fetus survives. If survival, more than 90%of threatened abortion can continue pregnancy.Pregnant women should eliminate excessive mental tension and maintain emotional stability. They can take an appropriate amount of sedatives, such as 0.03 grams of Rumina, 3 times a day.It is best to rest in bed and prohibit the life of couples.The so -called bed rest is not lying on the bed all day, and dare not move. This is unnecessary. Instead, it increases the mental burden and nervousness and causes miscarriage.

Drug treatment can be performed for the cause, such as progesterone, vitamin E or Chinese herbal medicine, but do not use unilaterals to avoid delaying the timing of treatment.Patients should not force tires, because embryonic dysplasia is the most common and main cause of miscarriage in abortion. Forcing tires, even success, may not be a perfect child.

2. Expired miscarriage: In principle, hospitalization should be hospitalized as soon as possible to avoid coagulation dysfunction. It is routine to test the patient’s coagulation function of the patient and prepare for blood transfusion.

3. Sumid abortion: The principle of treatment is to lift the uterus as soon as possible to reduce bleeding.The embryo can be used to automatically discharge the embryo according to the pregnancy month or condition, or the embryo can be taken out of the uterus.

4. Complete abortion: Bleeding has stopped or reduced significantly, so do not need special treatment.It can also be used to apply antibiotics for 3 days.

5, incomplete abortion: emergency speed goes to the hospital to scrape the palace as soon as possible to prevent a lot of bleeding and infection.

6. Habitat abortion: In addition to the treatment of threatened abortion, the cause of the abortion should be found and treated with the cause.For example, those who are relaxed in the inner mouth of the cervix can be performed in the inner seam.It should be noted that all patients who have miscarriage should be pregnant after half a year of contraception, and it is easy to have a miscarriage too fast.

Abortion hurts the health of female friends. Whether you are voluntary abortion, you have to be forced to have a miscarriage. You must take care of your body and make a good condition after abortion.Xiaobian tells female friends, it is best not to abortize it easily.

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