What are the symptoms of common anorectal diseases?do you know?

Anorectal diseases are diseases that occur in rectal or anus, including various types, such as anal fistula, anal fissure, etc.Different anorectal diseases cause different symptoms and bring different pain to patients.In addition, anorectal diseases may occur in elderly and young people.Therefore, for all people, it is particularly important to understand the symptoms and causes of anorectal diseases, and timely treatment is particularly important.

What are the symptoms of common anorectal diseases?

1. Hemorrhoids

And the anus and rectal tissues are often swollen and inflamed, which will eventually develop into hemorrhoids.After suffering from hemorrhoids, there will be pain and itching in the anus.There are many causes of symptoms, including pregnancy, obesity, long time to the toilet, and chronic constipation.Light hemorrhoids can be treated coldly or taking baths, and severe hemorrhoids can only be treated with surgery.

2. Anal fissure

Anal fissure, that is, the cracks at the anus at the mouth of the anus are mostly caused by long -term dryness, inflammation or diarrhea.Patients will develop symptoms of itching, pain, and bleeding.If the crack is on the anus surface, it can heal itself.If it is cracking deeply, it will affect the sub -sphincter of the anus and it will be difficult to heal.It can only be relieved by local anesthesia or sitting bath, and foods that often eat high dietary fiber.

3. Anal warts

Anal warts are anorectal disease that occurs in the rectum, which can affect the health of reproductive organs and skin.At first, it was just the size of peas, which would not cause obvious pain and discomfort.The ointment can be relieved. As the course of the disease is extended, the warts will continue to grow, and eventually it will even affect normal life and work.At this point, they should be removed through surgery.However, after removing, some viruses remain in the skin tissue, so they need to be followed up after surgery, generally half a year.

4. Anal fistula

The occurrence of anal fistula is that the rectal abscess is not effectively controlled, which will make the patient feel local swelling, and the skin in the anus will also heat pus due to long -term stimulation of inflammation.The only treatment for this anorectal disease is surgery, and antibiotics and anti -inflammatory drugs should be used.Only in this way can the treatment effect be more effective.

Finally, no matter what anorectal diseases you have, actively treat it.If you ignore it, the condition may be further developed.In addition to looking for the most reasonable treatment with doctors, you should also eat more foods rich in dietary fiber, such as celery and coarse grains, because constipation will make anorectal disease more serious.

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