What are the symptoms after pregnancy?When these 7 reactions appear in the body, it means that you are pregnant

Many women who are preparing for pregnancy will ask their dads. What are the symptoms after pregnancy?In general, after pregnancy, these 7 symptoms occur.So, what are the symptoms of these 7 pregnancy?Let’s listen to the experienced expectant mothers together?

"This is the first feeling I gave me after pregnancy. At first I thought it was thinking too much, so I didn’t care. I didn’t expect the pain in the lower abdomen to become more and more frequent."

"Due to abdominal pain, I thought it was a aunt to report. As a result, when the menstrual period, the aunt did not report it on time. At that time, some suspected that it was because of my pressure.When testing the pregnancy test paper, I found that there is no sign of winning. After thinking about it, I will re -test it in a few days. "

"At the menstrual period, there was a little bleeding, thinking that the aunt came to report. But the amount of bleeding was very small. At that time

"It may be affected by progesterone, so it causes the gums to swell and pain. The gums hurt, the mouth is not open, I am afraid to open my mouth, and I have no appetite to eat in those days."

"After getting up in the morning, the first thing is to cover my mouth and run to the toilet. The symptoms of nausea and vomiting are very serious. It may be good to eat in the last second.There is no appetite to eat, and I want to eat it. "

"People who only went to the toilet several times a day, after pregnancy, the number of times to go to the toilet will become very frequent."

"Whether you are at work or at home, you will feel very tired and want to sleep. The quality of sleep has also improved a lot. Basically, I fell asleep as soon as I lie on the bed."

If you have symptoms of pregnancy, how can you test whether you are pregnant?

After most women are pregnant, they will be tested with pregnancy test sticks or pregnancy test strips.Of course, when the pregnancy test and pregnancy test paper is tide, the detected data will be inaccurate.There are also many women who choose to go to the hospital for a blood HCG examination in order to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Early pregnancy vomiting is severe, and the gums are very uncomfortable. What should expectant mothers do?

The diet structure should be arranged reasonably, not eating fried, spicy and other foods that are easy to get angry;

After dinner, you can rinse your mouth with light salt;

Ensure that there is sufficient sleep and a good mental state, it is also very helpful to alleviate pregnancy and vomiting;

Three meals a day, you can change to more meals a day, don’t let yourself be hungry;

Properize your attention, don’t keep your attention on nausea and vomiting.

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