What are the preparations for pregnancy?

It is necessary for everyone to do related health care and care during pregnancy and develop good living habits. This will help unnecessary trouble during contraception. It is better to do it. Many people do not know much about this.What are the preparations for pregnancy? In order to help promote the health of women during pregnancy, we will detailed what you need to do during the pregnancy stage.

Preparation before pregnancy 1: Supplement folic acid

Even if the daily diet is balanced, it is difficult to ensure that you can get all the necessary nutrients from it.The lack of folic acid in Chinese childcare women is more common, which should attract sufficient attention.You can buy folic acid supplements (or folic acid tablets) in a pharmacy, or you can take a variety of vitamins for special pregnancy.But note that if it is a variety of vitamins, it is necessary to determine that the vitamin A it contains does not exceed 0.77 mg (2,565 international units) retiner equivalent (RAE) permitted per day, unless it exists in the form of β -carotene.Because excessive intake of vitamin A may cause newborns defects.If you are not sure which one to eat, you must consult a doctor first.

Preparation before pregnancy 2: Farewell to tobacco, alcohol and medicine

If you smoke or take drugs, please stop early.A large number of studies have shown that smoking and drugs can lead to abortion, premature birth and low weight births.In addition, research also shows that smoking may affect reproductive ability and male sperm.In fact, even sucking second -hand cigarettes will affect your chances of conception.Experts suggest that expectant mothers should avoid drinking during pregnancy, so it is best to reduce the amount of alcohol before you get pregnant, especially in the last two weeks of the menstrual cycle to prevent you from getting pregnant at this time.

Preparation before pregnancy 3: Reject caffeine

Studies have shown that too much caffeine caffeine can hinder the absorption of iron, and at the same time, it will also increase the risk of the fetal death palace.So it is best to quit coffee, tea, cola and other caffeine -containing drinks.However, pay attention to the step -by -step when you quit, and do not stop completely at once, so as not to cause headaches.If you are really addicted, you will be limited to drinking only one cup a day, which is the safety limit recognized by most experts.

Preparation before pregnancy 4: Control weight

If your weight is within normal standard range, your chances of conception will be higher.Studies have shown that women with weight index (BMI) are relatively less likely to conceive than 20 or higher than 30.So it is best to control your weight index between 20 and 30 before preparing for pregnancy.Go to test your weight index now.

Preparation before pregnancy 5: Choose healthy food

From now on, we have chosen healthy foods to reserve beneficial nutrients for babies of babies in the future.Eat as much fruits and vegetables every day, a lot of grains, and food rich in calcium, such as milk and yogurt.But if you like to eat fish very much, pay attention to the mercury content in oily fish such as sharks, flagfish, catfish, etc. (mercury usually exists in the fish body in the form of methyl mercury), and consumes a large amount of methyl mercury pairs to pairsFetal brain development is harmful.So, do not eat these fish more than twice a week.

The above introduces you to prepare for pregnancy. It is recommended that everyone must actively do related care during pregnancy to create a good growth space for conception and health.

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