What are the preparations for men before pregnancy?

There are more and more second babies around, and there are not a few families who are eager to move.If the couple of the end of 70s and 80s want to conceive the second child early, pay attention to the quality and improve the hit rate.

This is not only for the health of the fetus and pregnant mothers, but also a small family.Therefore, pre -pregnancy examination is still necessary.Women’s pre -pregnancy examinations are generally in place, while men are afraid of trouble, and they think they are healthy. They have a low check rate before pregnancy.It is recommended that a father who intends to prepare for the second child should protect his "little tadpole".

1. Fat

Considering the 80s and 70s families of the second child, Dad has run 3, 4, half greasy middle -aged men will inevitably make blessings.Obesity not only increases the risks of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, fatty liver, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, etc., but also affects sperm activity, activity, quantity, form, etc.

Why does it affect the next generation?Studies have found that excess fat in men can turn testosterone into estrogen, and excessive estrogen can destroy the growth and health of sperm.

2. Tobacco and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol are very destructive to sperm and are proportional.Men’s semen examination will find non -liquefaction, low viscosity, decreased sperm quantity, increased deformity rate, and even cause male erection disorders.

3. Sauna and hot springs undoubtedly hurt the small tadpoles

The cause of work, living habits, etc., men go to steam sauna, soak hot springs, and take hot baths; and heat in winter car seats; sedentary, habitual Erlang legs, etc.The environment is too warm, destroying the living environment and disrupting the generation of sperm.

What to prepare before semen examination:

1. Avoid 48 hours in the same room and within 7 days.

2. Globe takes semen is generally in the dry pipe.Inspection in time, don’t exceed an hour.

Common problems of semen:

1. Non -liquefaction: It is liquefied by itself within 30 minutes, sticky jelly.If the viscosity is low and non -liquefied, the reproductive system inflammation, prostatitis, etc. should be considered.

2. Elite quantity: normal value of 2-5 ml.Less than 1.5 ml is considered abnormal.Common causes: prostate lesions, seminal vesicles, specific infections (gonorrhea), and non -specific inflammation of the reproductive system.Excessive amount of semen will also hinder fertility.

3. Color: Normal gray white or milky white, no ejaculation is light yellow for a long time.If bright red and dark red semen, it is more common in inflammation, tuberculosis, tumors, etc.Yellow and brown purulent semen are found in prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis.

4, sperm form: there are many deformities sperm, generally seen in men with dexterous veins.Increased pathological immature precision cells, indicating that the testicular fine essence can be affected or harmed by drugs or other factors.The reproductive system infection and immune function are abnormal, and sperm condensation increases.

5. Number of sperm: normal value (100-150) × 109/L.It is less than 20 × 109/L. It is more common in the varicocele, contact ray, industrial pollution, and certain drugs.

Many inspections have no sperm, and property becomes azoospermia; more common in congenital vasters, seminal vesicles defects or obstruction, and testicular sperm function is low.The ligation of the vas The vasters is not within the scope of consideration.

Men are over 50 years old, and the number of sperm has gradually decreased.

6. Sperm activity rate: Normal sperm vitality is generally at level III, medium speed, waveform movement.

7. Mobility: 30-60 minutes after ejaculation is sperm> 0.80; 0.80; sperm> 0.60 or more within 120 minutes after ejaculation; sperm of 0.25-0.60 after 120 minutes of ejaculation can still move.Essence

In short, it is recommended that children’s husband and wife, it is best to conduct a comprehensive inspection when preparing for pregnancy to ensure that the next generation is healthier.

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