What are the performances before the sow production, and pay attention to childbirth!The following points can sometimes be urgent

Sow production is important for pig farms. Whether pig raising can be benefited is whether sows can produce more healthy piglets and do sows’ management. Then sowing knowledge must be grasped.

How does sow show before giving birth?

1. Decreased appetite, sows’ behaviors will become relatively abnormal, mainly because the appetite decreases, but drinking water and dung and urination times will become more.Some.

2. Unusual behavior, sow’s tail likes to twitch back and forth, like to bite the fence, and will change the way to lie down, occasionally stand up and lie down, and so on.

3. To make a nest, there is a grass in the pig house, and the sow will make the grass title together.Without grass pads, sows often plans or plane to show the tendency of obvious movements and nests.

4. Breathing changes, the breathing of the sow will also be significantly accelerated. At the same time, it will be accompanied by snoring and gritting.

5. After 80 days of pregnancy, the sow’s breasts begin to expand and harden. This phenomenon is more obvious when the production is close to the end.Generally, 3 days before birth, the sow’s nipples will obviously expand outward.

What should the noise be prepared at 80 days of pregnancy?

First, the delivery room.The equipment should be intact to ensure the best growth environment for sows and pigs.

2. In the morning of the week before giving birth, the sow is empty. After the meter was cleaned, disinfected, and dewormed, carefully rushed into the prepared fence.After entering the field, a small amount of wet mixing should be added, and the anti -response additive should be added to make it familiar with the new environment to reduce the stress reaction.

3 After entering the childbirth, sow must have a fixed breeder to the sows.After childbirth, sow and first sow, especially the first sow, should take care of it carefully, which is very important.

4. The indoor temperature in summer should not be too high.If the temperature of the delivery room exceeds 30 ° C and the humidity is high, the sow will feel uncomfortable, short, fever, and affect breastfeeding.

5. Prepare the registration form, sacks, towels, scissors

, Disinfection, iodine, etc.

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