What are the movements suitable for pregnant women

The following exercise methods are usually safe for expectant mothers, but some exercise may not be suitable for pregnant women who are pregnant for the last few months of pregnancy.Please consult the medical staff first, and then start exercise.


For mothers, walking is the best movement to enhance cardiovascular function.Walking can keep you healthy, and at the same time, you will not sprain your knees and ankles.You can walk almost anywhere. Except for a pair of feet, you do not need to use any equipment, and the walk through the entire pregnancy is very safe.


Medical care staff and fitness experts agreed that swimming is the best and safest exercise method during pregnancy.Swimming can exercise large muscle groups (arms and leg muscles), which is also good for cardiovascular, and can make the larger expectant mother feel that her body is not so bulky in the water.

Low -intensity aerobic exercises:

One of the advantages of participating in the aerobic courses is that you can ensure regular exercise at a fixed time.If you participate in the courses specially set up for expectant mothers, you can also fully enjoy a good time to communicate with other expectant mothers. You can rest assured that every action taught here is safe to you and your baby.


Dancing can promote the blood circulation of the body.You can dance with your favorite music in your own comfortable living room, or you can also participate in dance classes, but you must avoid strenuous actions such as jumping or rotating.


Yoga can maintain your muscle tension, make your body more flexible, and your joints are underlying pressure.But you may need to arrange a walk or swimming several times a week while practicing yoga to strengthen the exercise of the heart.

Stretching exercises:

Stretching exercise can keep your body flexibly relax and prevent muscle strain.You can combine stretching exercise with the exercise of cardiovascular function to make your body fully exercise.

Weight training:

If weight training is part of your conventional exercise, there is no need to stop after pregnancy, but most pregnant women should reduce the weight of training (you can guarantee sufficient amount of exercise by increasing the number of repeated times).As long as the necessary protection measures and reasonable skills (slow, controlled movements), weight training is a good way to strengthen and exercise muscles.But this training method is best to obtain the consent of your health doctor and under the guidance of a professional coach.

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