What are the main reasons for tires?

Tire stopping refers to the development of development caused by some causes of early pregnancy embryos.What are the signs of fetal stopping? What are the main reasons for embryonication? The fertilized eggs are like a seed. It is necessary to experience a series of complex and wonderful processes before it will eventually grow into a healthy baby.If in the initial stage, the fertilized eggs did not bud well, then it would likely stop continuing to grow. We call this embryonic development that occurs in early pregnancy as "tire stop".

What are the signs of fetal stop:

1. If the embryo occurs, all the pregnancy reactions of the pregnant mother will gradually disappear.First of all, there are no longer early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting, and the feeling of breast swelling will also weaken.

2. Then there will be bleeding from the vagina, which is often dark red bloody leucorrhea.

3. In the end, lower abdominal pain may occur, and embryos are discharged.

The above performance varies from person to person, and some even have no signs, and abdominal pain appears directly, and then abortion, or asymptomatic after the embryo is discontinued through conventional B -ultrasound examination.Most pregnant women have no obvious symptoms after stopping development. Some pregnant women may see redness and generally have no abdominal pain. This is different from signs.

Patients have a history of menopause. Regardless of incomparable redness, B -ultrasound should be checked in the early pregnancy to avoid leakage tires.B -ultrasound monitors embryos, fetal development, such as ≥6 weeks without pregnancy sac, or although there are pregnancy sacs but deformation and shrinking, when the pregnancy sac has ≥4cm but the fetal buds are not visible, the length of the tire buds is ≥1.5cm, but there is no fetal heart.If you are motion, you can determine the embryo or fetal development abnormalities.The latter three cases can be diagnosed as fetal stopping.In addition, the blood beta-HCG determination also helps the diagnosis of fetal stopping.Such as ≥5 weeks, blood β-HCG <100IU/L; ≥6 weeks, blood β-HCG <2000IU/L, indicate that the velvet membrane promotes gonad hormone secretion, and the value of the dynamic observation will no longer rise.Fack, embryo abnormalities.

The main cause of embryo stopping:

1. Embryo factors, such as genetic abnormalities, such factors embryo -stop is the natural result of the survival of the fittest, which avoids the birth of the malformed fetus;

2. Maternal factors, if you have some diseases that are not suitable for pregnancy, you need to treat it;

3. Other factors, such as harmful factors such as external poison or radiation, should be prevented.

The phenomenon of fetal stopping in the early pregnancy is very common. It is a natural phenomenon in the process of human evolution and belongs to the natural elimination of embryos.All pregnant women should understand this natural law, and abnormal embryonic self -elimination is a natural law in the human process.There are many reasons for the cause of fetal stopping. If it occurs during early pregnancy, it is mostly related to the abnormal chromosomes of the fetus itself. This is the main reason, but it can also be related to the physical condition and pelvic local infection of the pregnant woman.If the fetal discontinuation occurs in the middle of pregnancy, it is mostly related to the fetal’s own disease and intrauterine infection.

B -ultrasound diagnosis of fetal stopping:

For the B -ultrasound diagnostic criteria for fetal stopping, the embryo development is ≥6 weeks without pregnancy sac, or there is a pregnancy sac but deformation and shrinking; when the pregnancy sac ≥4cm, the fetal buds cannot be seen, the length of the tire buds and arms ≥1.5cm, butIf you have no fetal heart, you can determine that the embryo development is abnormal.

How long can fetal stopping can be pregnant again: After the fetal stopping and termination of pregnancy, at least 3 months can be pregnant again.Generally speaking, women who have discontinued tires have considered from the perspective of eugenics. At least half a year will be pregnant.You do n’t have to be nervous again, you do n’t have to have a psychological burden. Occasionally, an accidental childbirth phenomenon occurs during pregnancy. This situation is very common among mothers.Keep your mood and pay attention to rest, and you can get pregnant again soon.

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