What are the foods that do not touch, but after pregnancy?Are you all recruited?

After women’s pregnancy, because of changes in hormones in the body, personal tastes have also changed.It turned out that the food that I love to eat does not want to smell its smell after pregnancy; but the food that is not touched by the original, but I am surprisingly wanted to eat after pregnancy.

But don’t be confused by the "sour girl" that the elderly often say. This does not have any scientific basis. How does the taste of Baoma change? It has nothing to do with the gender of the baby in the belly.

However, in fact, you can’t eat whatever you want to eat during pregnancy. After all, your body and fetal health are also very important.For example, many foods that make pregnant women’s mouths are just harmful to health.If you want to give birth to your baby smoothly, these foods are best to avoid.


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1. Ice cream:

Now in summer, ice cream has become the first snacks for many people, including pregnant mothers.Ice cream not only has a sweet taste, but the cold taste can also reduce the heat of summer, so people of all ages want to use ice cream to relieve heat.

However, if you are too cold during pregnancy and eat more ice cream and cold drinks, it is likely to cause contractions, which is painful to the fetus and pregnant mothers.If women’s gastrointestinal sensitivity, eating more ice cream during pregnancy is not good for health.So if you want to relieve your mood, eat a few less, but it is not good for eating more.


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2. Instant noodles:

Instant noodles are not only the favorite of students. When women are pregnant, they will also have a soft spot for the fragrance of instant noodles.Because most of the pregnant mothers are very mouthful, even if the husband and family are strongly opposed, they still can’t control it. They want to secretly eat instant noodles.

Although it is convenient to cause cancer, it has gone to exist with the progress of science.However, after all, instant noodles are fried foods. The ingredients are also containing too much monosodium glutamate and salt, so if you eat instant noodles often, let alone a pregnant woman, and even ordinary people can’t get any benefits.


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3. Spicy strips:

The spicy strips can be said to be the top of the most popular snacks. Pregnant women, children, and adults are difficult to resist its taste.Recently, there have been many funny "capture" videos on the Internet. The causes are that the pregnant mother wants to eat spicy bars, and her husband does not agree, so he has to catch and seek, just brush the drama, just to satisfy his appetite.

In fact, the production process of many spicy strips is not up to standards. The spicy bars produced below are inevitable to cause disease.In addition, the reason why spicy strips have a sweet taste is nothing more than putting a lot of monosodium glutamate and pepper.Pregnant mothers have too much food, and their health is not guaranteed.

Mom, you should pay more attention to diet during pregnancy!If you have any questions, leave a message to tell us ~

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