What are the foods suitable for pregnant women during pregnancy?

Pregnant women not only be responsible for their own uterus and breasts, increased blood capacity, etc., but also ensure all the nutrients required for fetal growth and development.Therefore, women during pregnancy, the food taken every day, in addition to providing the energy consumed by themselves daily, but also provides all kinds of nutrients required for the growing fetus. ThereforeThere are many people.


Sesame is rich in nutrients such as protein, fat, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, and dietary fiber. The black sesame seeds are significantly higher than white sesame.When making maternal food, the use of an appropriate amount of sesame can improve and improve the nutritional quality of diet.

Soy milk

Those with acute pregnancy poisoning are suitable for soy milk.Use soy milk diet, that is, drink 2000 ml of pure soybean milk daily soybean milk, add 200 grams of sugar, eat 6 times, usually last for 2-4 days, and switch to a salt-free diet, which will reduce edema and reduce blood pressure.Soymilk contains low calcium, less salt, and more vitamins and tobaccoic acid, so it has the effect of lowering blood pressure and diuretic.


The nutritional value of eggs is very high, rich in protein and the highest utilization rate. The egg white not only contains the amino acids needed by the human body, but also the amino acid composition model is very similar to the human body.Complete absorption and utilization is the most ideal high -quality protein in food.Eggs contain fat, fat is easily digested and absorbed by the human body, rich in lecithin, yolk, calcium, iron and vitamin B, vitamin D, etc.effect.Therefore, eating more eggs for women can help recover physical strength and baby’s growth and development, but pay attention to the right amount and not too much.If you eat too much eggs, you will excess protein in the body, increase the burden on the body, lack other nutrients, cause the body’s physiological functional dysfunction, and the result will also cause a variety of diseases.


Non-protein that can help the baby grows quickly, because protein is the basic element of human cells. Adult women need 44 grams of protein per day, and it should be increased to 46-56 grams during pregnancy.Fresh meat, eggs, milk, and dairy products are the source of protein; dried tofu and tofu are also good choices.

Who said that the two words of "nutrition" are difficult to swallow?

For the expectant mothers of foodism, eating the tasteless and colorless nutritional meal is the most cruel torture.Therefore, we will introduce a few sets of delicious and nutritious delicious meals to expectant mothers later, so that you can get enough nutrition while enjoying food.

In fact, there are many delicious and nutritious dishes. Specific mothers can use their own ingenuity to compare the food nutrition tables and arbitrarily match their favorite meals.


For example, chicken soup, fish soup, meat soup, etc. These soups not only taste delicious but also stimulate gastric fluid secretion, improve appetite, help digestion, and promote milk secretion.Chicken soup, fish soup, and broth are rich in nutrients, containing nutrients such as soluble amino acids, vitamins and minerals; use soybeans, Chinese plus various meats (such as pork legs or pork ribs) to cook soup, such as catfish soup, Camphy Chicken Soup, Vinegar or Rice Wine with Pork Legs and Eggs to promote milk secretion.In addition, due to the high basic metabolic rate of maternal mothers, it is easy to sweat and secrete milk, and the amount of water is higher than the average person. Therefore, it is beneficial to drink more soup.


In all stages of life, the fetus is the origin of life.The nutritional foundation of this period is related to the health of the personal future.The nutritional status of the fetus is absolutely affected by the mother’s body. Therefore, during pregnancy, the mother’s nutritional status not only requires enough "quantity", but also requires the "quality" choice.

During pregnancy, the absorption rate of nutrients in pregnant women has increased, the amount of excretion is decreased, and the metabolism is strong, so that the nutrients make more effective use."Food" is the mainstream of diet life. Unconsciously, the diet deviation, and the most convenient way to save trouble may it be a composite vitamin?

That’s right, a composite vitamin on the surface can solve the hidden concerns of lack of trace nutrients.But have you found that the composite vitamins do not contain three huge amounts of nutrients: sugar, protein and fat?Therefore, if you think that a composite vitamin is at ease, it is too careless if you don’t pay attention to the balanced intake of nutrients.

DHA fish oil

DHA mainly comes from marine fish. The animals and plants on the land are almost free in the freshwater fish.DHA plays an important role in improving the quality of human life, especially to improve human IQ.

DHA exists in a large number of human brain and retinal cells, which accounts for 25 % of the brain fatty acids. It is the main component of human brain cells and the basis of encephalide, cerebral cell membrane.The growth and development of synapses plays a very important role, which has a great impact on human brain activity, fat metabolism, fetal growth, intellectual development and immune function of infants and young children.However, because the human body itself is difficult to synthesize DHA to supplement the brain, it is necessary to consume DHA to make up, otherwise it will lead to brain dysfunction. The extension of brain cell protrusions is difficult to maintain. The mesh tissue is easily destroyed, the information transmission is unfavorable, and human intelligence will beIt will be affected.In addition, DHA accounted for 40%-50%in retinal phospholipids, playing an important role in promoting vision development and reducing the incidence of amblyopia.


Pregnancy is a special physiological adjustment process of the mother. During the entire pregnancy, the mother needs to store about 50 grams of calcium, of which 30 grams of the fetus is provided.When the mother is inadequate, the fetus will be captured from the mother’s bones and teeth when needed to meet the needs of growth.The best way to supplement calcium in pregnant women is to drink 200-400 grams of milk every day, and about 120 mg of calcium per 100 grams.Calcium in milk is most likely to be absorbed by pregnant women, and it is also reasonable to match a variety of minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium.However, some milk has long been destroyed during the processing process, which is easy to cause insufficient calcium and other nutrients for pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women should drink fresh milk with instantaneous high temperature sterilization and sterile packaging.Nutrition.


Chicken is warm, sweet, and beneficial to qi and supplement.For pregnant women with weak constitution or less postpartum milk, they should eat.The folk also has the custom of nourishing the old hen soup after childbirth.For the choice of chickens, folk customs are used to think that the replenishment effect of old hens is more effective, and it also has the effect of removing wind. It is believed that the older the hens, the better the effect of removing wind and qi and blood.This is because the old hens have a lot of thin meat and a lot of calcium, boiled soup with Wenhuo, the most suitable postpartum women.If you can add 20-30 grams of Codonopsis, 10-20 red dates, and 50 grams of ginger stew in total, the effect is significant. Not only is he expected to recover quickly, but it will not cause other postpartum problems due to improper replenishment.


Ginger is effective in alleviating the morning vomiting of pregnant women.Nausea and vomiting usually occur in the first three months of pregnancy. People call it "morning vomiting", which is a normal pregnancy reaction.However, morning vomiting is always uncomfortable, and the drug will hurt the fetus, so it is not suitable for treatment.An experiment with 32 pregnant women’s participation showed that they took 10 grams of ginger every day and found that: compared to the control group (35 pregnant women who take placements)Essence


The more pregnant women eat fish, the greater the possibility of pregnancy.Babies at birth will also be healthier and more energetic than ordinary babies.

Those pregnant women who often eat fish have the possibility of premature birth and babies weighing lighter, and they should be far lower than those pregnant women who do not eat fish or rarely eat fish.Pregnant women eat fish once a week to reduce the possibility of premature birth of pregnant women who never eat fish from 7.1%to 1.9%.The reason why fish is beneficial to pregnant women is because it is rich in some fatty acids. This substance has the effect of extending pregnancy to prevent premature birth and effectively increase the weight of baby when birth.


Women with a variety of vitamins containing folic acid at the first 6 weeks of pregnancy can reduce the risk of neurotic defects of infants by 50%-70%.

Women who have never taken a variety of vitamins containing folic acid before and after pregnancy, or among women who take too many vitamins before pregnancy, the infant nerve tube defect rate is 3.5%.However, in the 6 weeks of pregnancy, a variety of vitamins with folic acid have only 0.9%.According to observations, after 7 weeks of pregnancy, there is no benefit to use a variety of vitamins, but it is certain that folic acid in multiple vitamins play a protective role.

There are natural folic acid in lettuce. Pregnant women eat more lettuce during pregnancy, which will undoubtedly help the normal formation of fetal spinal cord.


Also known as chestnut.It is called "three major wooden grains" with red dates and persimmons.Chestnut is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iron, zinc, multiple vitamins and other nutrients.Pregnant women often eat chestnuts not only to fitness and bones, but also help the pelvis to mature, as well as eliminating fatigue.And the cooked chestnut tastes sweet and delicious, it is a good food


The content of fat, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc is much higher than rice and flour. It also contains high carotene (100 grams of carotene per 100 grams).For example, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2 in millet are twice or even several times higher than rice, and the cellulose content is more than doubled.Although there are not many people who often eat Xiaomi at home, you may wish to prepare some mothers, make porridge and two rice.You must know that eating appropriate amount of millet porridge can help the recovery of physical strength.


Tofu is rich in protein and sugar, vitamins and inorganic salts, with high nutritional value.If the maternal milk is insufficient, it is best to eat.

There are 5 pieces of tofu, 250 grams of loofah, 25 grams of shiitake mushrooms, and 1 pig. Add an appropriate amount of salt, ginger, and green onion. After rotten, eat it in time to replenish qi and blood and increase milk secretion.

There are also 4 pieces of tofu, 60 grams of brown sugar, and cooking together. After the sugar is melted, it is put into 30 ml of rice wine. After eating it once, the lack of milk is also good.

Other soy products, such as dried tofu, soy milk, tofu skin, louver, tofu brain, etc., are also suitable for maternal consumption with lack of milk.


Also known as "longevity fruit" or "plant meat".It is sweet and fragrant, crispy and delicious, and has the skills of harmony, spleen, smoothing intestines, moisturizing the lungs, reducing phlegm, and nourishing qi.500 grams of dried peanuts contain 130 grams of protein, which is equivalent to the content of 150 grams of lean pork protein.The fat contained in peanuts is high -quality vegetable oils composed of linoleic acid, peanitic acid, hard fatty acid, palm acid, glycerin, etc.Peanuts contain more unsaturated fatty acids in the human body than animal oils such as lard.In addition, the content of sugar, calcium, phosphorus, lecithin, choline, and vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, and vitamin K is also rich.Peanuts are a food with comprehensive nutrients.

Melon seed

After meals, the seeds are good, because sunflower seeds and watermelon seeds are rich in trace elements such as fat, protein, zinc, and various vitamins, which can enhance digestive functions.Melon seeds can make the entire digestive system active.The fragrance of melon seeds stimulates the taste buds on the tongue. The taste buds transmit this nervous impulse to the brain, and the brain acts on the digestive organs such as saliva glands, making the secretion of saliva and gastric fluid containing a variety of digestive enzymes.


Water is the main component of various liquids that weigh 60%of the human body.Drinking water is insufficient, not only does it be uncomfortable, but also cannot transport other materials and electrolytes well.Regulate the functions of the tissues in the body, maintain the stability of the body, and help the metabolic process cannot be separated from water.Drinking water during pregnancy also helps to excrete and regulate body temperature in the skin and lungs.The important role of water is self -evident. However, while drinking more water, you should pay attention to eating less salt and excessive salt foods. Otherwise, a large amount of sodium ions in the body will cause puffiness and discomfort.Pregnancy vomiting is a normal reaction for women’s first 3 months of pregnancy. In addition to eating less food and avoiding precautions, the simplest and most effective way to overcome pregnancy is to drink plenty of water.

Folic acid

Folic acid can prevent diseases of fetal nerve tube defects. Lack of folic acid may cause symptoms of congenital malformations such as brain -free and spine bales. Pregnant women are best to eat more from 3 months before pregnancy to 3 months after pregnancy.Fetal growth is inseparable from folic acid.Anemia and fatigue are the symptoms of folic acid deficiency (there are other reasons for anemia).What foods contain folic acid?Like lean meat, egg yolk, liver, waist, dark green vegetables, etc.Pregnant women need 0.4 mg of folic acid every day. If there are related genetic diseases or mothers with epilepsy in the family, 4 mg must be taken every day.


Perhaps you are more unfamiliar with the element of zinc, but the baby may cause deformed, slow development, and affect bone development. As long as the expectant mothers can balance their diet and meet the needs of the baby, they must consume foods containing zinc, such as meat, liver, liver, liver, liver, liver, liver, liver and liver, Egg, seafood, etc.


The chance of anemia at 25-32 years old is high, and it often occurs in dizziness. This is because of lack of iron; iron is the main component of hemoglobin.Hemorrin is a complex containing protein and iron. It carries oxygen to fetal and its own tissue cells.The fetus also consumes iron from the iron storage organ of the pregnant woman, stores its own liver, and keeps him or her feeding after birth.Pregnant women also need oxygen (hemoglobin) during childbirth to provide uterus, and the fetal brain cells need oxygen.If pregnant women have a balanced diet and rich in iron, they will be stored enough in the body.Adults need 15 mg of iron every day, while the 7-9 months of pregnancy and breastfeeding need to increase to 45 mg.


At about 16 weeks, the fetus will develop rapidly in bones and limbs. In contrast, because pregnant women are to provide a large amount of calcium of the child, the pregnant woman will lose a lot of calcium. It is recommended that expectant mothers add more calcium foods such as milk, such as milk, andSmall fish dried and soy products, oysters, etc.Pregnant women need about 1200 mg every day.It is worth mentioning that if you eat more calcium, severe constipation may occur, so while ingesting calcium, fiber should also be supplemented to prevent constipation.In addition, moderate sun exposure to the sun to promote synthetic vitamin D, which will help the absorption of calcium.

Of course, the nutritionists needed by pregnant moms are comprehensive, so reasonable diet and balanced nutritionists are very important. Don’t catch it as hard as you eat, and don’t pick eaters without eating.This is not bad for yourself and the fetus!

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