What are the effective ways to be scientific after abortion?

Artificial abortion is an effective means of contraceptive failure, and it has been widely used in China.In general, the traditional flow of people flow is safe and effective, but whether it is abortion or the use of drugs, it will cause potential damage to reproductive systems and functions.The trauma caused by miscarriage is also called complications. This kind of complication can cause secondary infertility, or abortion during pregnancy, premature birth, placenta adhesion, etc.At present, there are already data that as the number of people flow increases, such damage will increase, so pay attention to prevent repeated abortion.So what is the best contraceptive method after artificial abortion?Let me give you a simple explanation!

1. Those things about the flow of people!

When the "two bars" are measured, people are often happy and sad.The abortion is the "calamity" of many pregnant women inadvertently conceiving, and it is also inevitable.However, whether it is physiological or mentally, this method will cause great damage to women’s health and will cause a series of complications.The flow of people is the most unwanted in obstetrics and gynecology, because the flow of people will cause female friends to lose the opportunity to give birth.

In the past, the flow of people was the simplest and most difficult.Mainly because of the individual differences of patients and the uncertainty of blind scraping, it will increase the uncertainty of the flow.The current artificial abortion includes drug abortion and artificial abortion of surgery, which is the so -called visual flow surgery.At this time, doctors will decide whether to perform abortion based on factors such as pregnancy, physical condition, and fertility history.Obstetricians pointed out that although the development of medical technology is safe, convenient, and painless, it is not a way to nodder!Regardless of the length of the pregnancy weeks or the method of abortion, it will bring different physiological and mental damage to women.The uterus is the organic and metabolic organ given by heaven. Frequent abortion can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and menstrual disorders.If you are a young unmarried woman, it will cause infertility.

2. What are the ways to flow?

In the family planning department, such people are often encountered. They regard artificial abortion as a "health service" and can use money to "enjoy"!They believe in those so -called "magic operations". Let’s introduce some common sense about people.There are two types of early pregnancy to terminate pregnancy. One of the abortion of abortion (啵 啵 啵 早 早 早 早 早), and the second drug abortion.Medicular abortion is the most commonly used method of abortion, that is, "drug flow", that is, to end early pregnancy by taking drugs. Usually it takes three days. Under the action of the drugin vitro.The so -called "abortion surgery" is to end pregnancy through surgical methods. The current commonly used methods are: Palace Gong, Pie Scraping, etc.Divide abortion is usually performed at less than 7 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the size of the fetus is relatively small and it is easy to discharge from the uterus. The pregnancy can be used for more than 7 weeks or less than 10 weeks.You can use pliers scraping.In addition, it should be noted that do not treat artificial abortion as a contraceptive means, and pay attention to your body.

3. What are the scientific and effective contraceptive methods after abortion?

Most women misunderstand that they will not conceive immediately after the flow of people. Such awareness is a big mistake!In fact, after early pregnancy and abortion, women’s ovulation speed is very fast, and ovulation can be restarted in about 2 weeks, so you can re -pregnancy when you first come to the holiday.After the abortion, some women do not take measures in time, and they are prone to repeated flow of people in a short time, which seriously damages women’s fertility.

3.1 Long -term method (upper ring)

If there is no obvious surgical complication or clear surgery complications, you can immediately implant the in -palace for birth in the early days of abortion and the induction period of the middle pregnancy.In -palace for birth on the day.Immediately after artificial abortion, the implantation of the in -palace -saving device can be performed. In one -time surgery, long -term reversible contraception can be achieved, and the number of surgery can be reduced.All kinds of ravioli can be placed immediately after artificial flow, and the cervix mouth is relaxed at this time. It is easy to place. Women are still anesthesia or pain reduction, and the pain is small.At the same time, it can also avoid the burden on the body, spirit, time, and economic burden caused by the need to re -surgery due to placing a birthpool.Among them, in addition to Man Yuele (at their own expense), the festrator also has other free family planning rings such as O -type, palace type, maternal music, and Guini.

3.2 Oral contraceptive pills (You Siyue)

The current oral contraceptive pill is a hormone. At this time, someone will ask if it will cause great harm to the human body. Will it gain weight when eating? Will there be a perverted response?In the old concepts of many people, the image of oral contraceptive pills seems to be a scumbag, and the reputation is a bit bad. Is the oral contraceptive pill?In fact, as long as appropriate drug treatment is performed under the guidance of a doctor, and a physical examination on time, oral contraceptives can ensure your "sexual blessing".You Siyue is one of the most common oral contraceptives. You Siyue is a natural female hormone and a near natural progesterone.People become obese.So how can we eat it?The first box was eaten at the first day of menstruation and took it within a certain time.In addition, if you leak 1 light red pill, then remember to take one capsule in time within 24 hours. As long as you take the subsequent drugs in the normal period of timeeffect.


We advocate: For women’s fertility and reduce the occurrence of unwilling pregnancy, please choose scientific, effective and appropriate contraceptive methods to jointly promote and improve women’s reproductive health.Finally, warm reminder: abortion is risky!Be cautious!Female compatriots must cherish their bodies, and male compatriots must cherish their lover. Remember to take contraceptive measures when they love love!

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