What are the differences in the menstrual cycle of girls in 25 days and 35 days?Can be analyzed from 3 aspects!

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The little girl slowly grew up, her body changed, her height gradually increased, and her body gradually matured.The mature sign is that the breast development is sound, the body is stylish, and it also produces menstruation due to the maturity of the reproductive organs.

Menstruation is like flowers in the world, which is a natural baptism of women’s bodies every month.It is a symbol of life and a manifestation of women’s fertility and health. In this special period, women need more attention and care to maintain good health and feelings.

Although menstruation brings certain inconvenience and troubles to women, it is a natural cycle and a unique charm of women.But I believe women also know that although once a month, some women have 35 days of 25 days, which is healthier?

Women’s menstruation is determined by the physiological structure. Women’s menstruation is coordinated through sex gonads. The uterus is a target organs. Its headquarters is hypothalamus, pituitary, and ovarian.

Women are around 11-12 years old, and the gonad axis matures. The hypothalamus control the pituitary gland to promote gonadotropin, which in turn promotes the ovarian estrogen and progesterone, thereby producing ovulation ovulation.

After ovulation, the broken follicles become luteal, and luteal secrete estrogen and progesterone.After estrogen and progesterone reaches a certain level, the functions of the hypothalamus and pituitary are suppressed by negative feedback.

If the eggs are not fertilized, that is, there is no pregnancy, luteal degeneration, the secretion of estrogen and progesterone is reduced, and the hyperplasia endometrium degenerates peeling, and the menstrual tide will occur.

After the first menstruation, menstruation is usually once a month. Different individuals have certain differences, not only in the symptoms of menstruation, but also in the menstrual cycle.For example, the menstrual cycle of some women is about 25 days, and some women’s menstrual cycle is about 35 days.

Folk maturity speed is different

Because the follicles are discharged from eggs every month, the maturity of the follicles is also related to women’s menstrual cycle.

If women’s menstrual cycle is relatively short, it means that the follicles are mature faster, and the thinning film is thickened.

For women with a long menstrual cycle, the situation is exactly the opposite, indicating that the follicle maturity is slow.

Different fertility conditions

For women, menstrual cycle means whether fertility is normal.After the end of menstruation, there will be an ovulation period, and an egg will be expelled in the body. When the eggs encounter sperm when the eggs encounter sperm, they may form fertilized eggs.

Once a fertilized egg is formed, it means pregnancy.If the menstrual cycle of women is relatively long, the ovulation period will be extended accordingly, and it is likely to be extended to two months.

Different menstrual flow

Menstruation is also related to the length of the cycle. Generally speaking, women with shorter cycle length are often relatively mild menstruation, and women with longer cycle lengths often have relatively many menstruation.If you have too much menstrual flow or too little, you may cause some physical problems, such as anemia, menstrual disorders, etc.

Women’s menstrual cycle may be 25 days or 35 days. These are normal and have little impact.As long as the menstrual cycle is between 21 days and 35 days, it is normal, don’t worry too much.

In addition, the main difference between the 25 -day and 30 -day menstrual cycle is that the time of menstruation may be different, and the due date may be two days after pregnancy.If there is no symptoms of discomfort, there is no need to treat.

Many women do not know that there is a difference between the menstrual cycle. Which one is more prone to aging, because the 25 -day menstrual cycle and the 35 -day menstrual cycle difference is 10 days, and the eggs are about 400 times in their lives.A egg is expelled during menstruation.

Therefore, most women enter menopause at the age of 45 to 55.From this perspective, women with a menstrual cycle of 25 days may enter menopause earlier earlier than women with a menstrual cycle.The aging speed will be faster under the same conditions.

Do a good job of cleaning and hygiene. During menstruation, we must do a good job of personal cleaning and sanitation. Before going to bed every night, apply warm water to wash the vulva.Be careful not to make a bath or bath, take the shower as the main business. At the same time, pay attention to changing sanitary napkins and panties to prevent some gynecological inflammation caused by improper hygiene.

Avoid spicy, cold, and hard food in diet. During menstruation, you cannot have sexual life, which can easily cause chronic gynecological inflammation.Avoid excessive fatigue and be happy.Pay attention to hygiene, do not use antibiotics, exercise appropriately, and enhance physical fitness.

Take more rest, keep adequate sleep time, do not stay up late, do not overwork, eat more nutritious foods, eat less spicy, cold, spicy food, etc.If the body is abnormal during menstruation, go to the hospital in time, or consult the relevant experts, and timely diagnose treatment in time, and take corresponding protection measures.

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