What are the changes in pregnant mothers in the 15th week of pregnancy?

Key tips: This week, the baby starts to do various actions in your uterus. He will hold his fists, squint eyes, and frown. The most special thing is that he will snoring. This is a precursor to the baby start to breathe.For the health of the mother and child, this week you have to conduct Tang’s screening and determine whether the mother and baby blood type are not in line. This is a key check. You must pay attention to it!

1 fetal development

The fetus is about 14cm tall and the fetus weighs 68g.The average value of the double -top diameter is 3.23 ± 0.51cm, the average value of the abdomen is 9.13 ± 1.56cm, and the femoral length is 1.74 ± 0.58cm.

At this time, the baby’s baby began to grow eyebrows, and the skin began to be covered by fetal hair. You can see the fetal blood vessels through thin skin, and you can see that the fetus’s legs are longer than the hands.

At this time, the baby’s fingernails were completely formed, and the joints of the fingers began to move.You can distinguish the gender of your child through B ultrasound.Now you can obviously feel the fetal movement, enjoy this moment!

2 Mom changes

At 15 weeks of pregnancy, your weight has now increased by about 1.7kg.Your pelvis can’t be installed this week. He (she) will escape with the uterus. There will be obvious convex marks under your belly button.house.So at this time, as long as you look at your stomach, you know that you are pregnant, and you will also find that the original clothes and pants are basically not put on.

3 Moms must read

1. Donald screening: This week you can conduct a check -up. Doctors can judge whether the fetus has congenital diseases by examination.If you are a 35 -year -old mother, or have experience of abortion or death, you need to check it carefully.This week, you’d better have a Tang family screening to exclude the possibility of fetal suffering from Tang’s syndrome.This is a serious congenital defect that must be checked.

2. Check whether the mother and baby blood type is not in line: At this time, you need to check the maternal and baby blood type. If you are O -type blood, and the prospective dad is not O, the fetus may produce ABO hemolysis, but this situation is more common in this situation.The first child; the other is Rh disagreement, when your blood type is Rh negative, and the prospective dad is positive, so that your blood will produce antibodies to the baby’s blood during delivery, which will be dangerous.

3. Protective oral cavity: The body’s endocrine changes after pregnancy, and your gums may have congestion or bleeding.If the diet structure was improper at that time, or not brushing your teeth in time, periodontitis could be triggered.Do not underestimate this situation. Some information shows that the incidence of periodontitis is the highest among pregnant women who have miscarriage and premature birth.Therefore, you must pay attention to oral hygiene and treat dental diseases in time.

4. frequent urination and sweating: Now you may start urine at night, and the frequency is very frequent. This is because the fetal metabolites increase and the kidneys have burdens.Don’t dare to drink water at this time, it is very important to replenish water. For the baby, you will take a few more toilets! And because your blood flow in the skin increases, you often feel fever and you will sweat.Take a few warm baths to ensure hygiene and sweat in time.

5. Proper zinc supplement: Now you are responsible for the nutrition of yourself and the fetus, so the condition of zinc deficiency is more common.Zinc deficiency will make you lose your appetite and poor digestion and absorption, so eat more foods containing zinc, such as oysters, oysters, sesame, red shellfish, etc., especially the highest content of zinc in oysters.

4 Nutrition Tips

At this time, as long as you look at your stomach, you know that you are pregnant, and the original clothes and pants are basically not put on.At this time, don’t eat partially, and diet should be as wide as possible.Eat more high -protein foods, eat more vegetables and fruits.Do not drink coffee, quit smoking, do not come into contact with toxic substances and radiation sources.

Eating more vegetables or fruits containing rough fiber, such as celery, radish, is beneficial to cleaning the oral cavity, and fully chewing can play a role in exercising teeth and massaging gums.

Caffeine -containing beverages and foods will affect the development of the fetus, heart, liver and other organs; spicy foods can cause constipation: some foods containing additives and preservatives may cause teratogenic and abortion. Pay attention to eating less.


15 weeks of pregnancy, you need to conduct a checkup this week, and the next delivery time is 16 weeks of pregnancy.Some projects must be carried out in the middle of pregnancy, and pregnant mothers do not miss time.This week we will learn about one of the projects in the second trimester of production.

HCG (Tang’s) function

Donalding during the second pregnancy is a routine examination of an elderly maternal maternal, which will check the concentration of type nail protein (AFP) and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) concentration in the blood of pregnant mothers, coupled with the age of pregnant mothers to evaluate the evaluationMaybe there is the probability of Donald’s baby.The same point of this screening and the first pregnancy screening is that they are evaluating the probability and risk of Tang’s child. The screening results during the second pregnancy need to be waited for about 2 weeks.The best time to do this check is 15-20 weeks of pregnancy.

6 prenatal education method

The biggest thing that the baby happened this week was that he or her began to snoring in the uterus. This is the precursor of the fetus began to breathe. The hearing of the fetus became more sensitive.Now, giving the baby for the baby can receive a very good prenatal education effect.

Music is another language for the fetus, allowing the fetus to accept the influence of music in your body. Not only can it promote the fetal brain development, it can develop his musical potential as soon as possible, and it also has an important role in cultivating the character.Practice has proved that the fetus with music prenatal education likes music after birth, has a sensitive response, cheerful personality, and high IQ.

Specific methods of music prenatal education: Whether you are resting or doing housework, you can open music and enjoy famous music songs every day, such as "Spring River Flower Moon Night", "Ping Sha Luoyan", "Rain Babana", etc., so that you can be inElegant music environment.In the process of listening, the music can be thoughtful, sometimes immersed in the wonderful realm of spring water, and sometimes walking in the greenery of the banana green rain, like drunkenness, and reverie.

You can also hum a few songs every day. It is best to choose lyrical songs or light songs, or you can sing some cradles such as little babies and sleep quickly. "You can fully pass the joy of the bottom of the heart to the fetus. Frequent listening to the parents’ singing will make the fetus spiritual stability, and the mother and the child’s heart are resonated, laying a good psychological foundation for the open -minded and cheerful character after birth.

Tip of music prenatal education: The cochlear of part of the inner ear in the fetus has developed from the 20th week of pregnancy, and its maturity process continues within 30 days after the baby is born.Because the cochlea of the fetus at 15 weeks of pregnancy has not yet developed, it is easy to suffer noise damage, and it is particularly sensitive to the tweeter above 2000 Hzzh. Therefore, if there is a twitch above 2000 Hz above, it is likely to damage the hearing of the fetus.And some tragic, fierce, and exciting sections will also affect the normal development of the fetus.Therefore, when choosing prenatal education music, you must pay attention to the range of frequency, so as not to make music become noise.

7 pregnancy health care

This week, pregnant mothers come together to learn the small knowledge of health care during pregnancy.Her fever and colds are always worried about pregnant mothers, fearing that they will affect the development of the fetus, and they cannot take medicine casually.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to fever during pregnancy, find the cause of fever, treat symptomatic treatment, and usually pay attention to strengthening physical exercise.

1. The cause of fever during pregnancy:

Like the average person, the common causes of fever in pregnant women include infection, heat stroke (high environmental temperature), autoimmune diseases (red sores), tumors, drugs … For pregnant women, infection is still the most common cause of fever. Among themColds caused by virus infections are the most common.

2. Feverly symptoms during pregnancy:

When the pathogen of the disease invades the human body, it can cause fever.Under normal circumstances, if the body temperature of normal people is higher than 37 ° C, it can be called a fever. However, the physical temperature of expectant mothers will be slightly higher than that of ordinary people 0.5 ° C.There is a possibility of a fever; if the body temperature exceeds 38.5 ° C, you must pay special attention and deal with it carefully.

(1) Cold or influenza: If the expectant mothers are manifested as headache, cough, fatigue, muscle soreness, loss of appetite, etc., it is likely to be a cold; if there is no high fever (high fever above 38.5 ° C)EssenceThe diagnosis of popular colds needs to see if there are influenza popularity in the local area recently. After the healing, it takes a long time. After the high fever retreats, many expectant mothers have a feeling of physical fatigue and weakness in a week or even longer.

(2) Surface or rubella: Specific mothers have rash on the first or the next day on the fever. One day internal rash starts from the face, and quickly spreads throughout the body according to the sequence of the trunk and limbs, but most of the palms and soles have no rash.At the beginning of the rash, it was fine -dotted light red spots, mackerel or pimples.The torso, especially the back rash, is evenly distributed and dense, and is sparse in other parts.

(3) Special non -infectious diseases: In addition to fever caused by influenza -like primary, non -infectious diseases caused by other substances are also common, such as lupus erythematosus.For fever, expectant mothers should not be blindly cooling, and they should go to the hospital for diagnosis in time to find out the most important cause.

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