What are the causes of infertility?Summarize these 6 types, symptomatic treatment

The most concerned about women during birth is infertility, excessive inferiority and anxiety because of infertility, destroying family harmony, and even moving towards the path of divorce. What are the factors that cause female infertility.

1. Cervical problem

When cervical diseases, sperm passes, such as cervical stenosis and adhesion, malignant tumors or polyps appear in the cervix.Especially with cervicitis, inflammatory exudate can kill sperm, affecting the sperm through the cervical canal.

2. Donatal abnormalities

Wallopian tubes, too long or inflammation can cause occlusion or stagnation of the fallopian tube cavity, which hinders the combination of sperm and eggs and causes female infertility.The main factors that lead to fallopian tubeitis are tubal tuberculosis and endometriosis.

3. Endocrine factors

The mature incomplete development of the hypothalamus and the delayed period of the cycle center will be incorrectly adjusted between the pituitary, the hypothalamus, and the ovarian, which mainly shows the ovulation -free menstruation, the dysnion functional disorders or amenorrhea.At the same time, abnormal adrenal cortical function or abnormal thyroid function can also affect ovarian function and affect the ovulation mechanism.

4. Congenital and systemic factors

If you have a congenital reproductive system, you can be accompanied by primary amenorrhea.When sexual chromosomal abnormalities or authentic bisexual malformations can cause habitual abortion.Systemic factors include nutritional disorders, suffer from chronic consumer diseases, simple body obesity, and metabolic diseases.In addition, physical factors such as toxic chemicals, radiation irradiation, and microwaves have also caused female infertility.

5. Ovarian abnormalities

Premature ovarian failure, ovarian tumors and polycystic ovaries, and inadequate filter development in the ovaries can affect the normal development of follicles and ovaries. Even if the follicles are mature, they cannot be ruptured and cannot be combined with sperm symptoms, which causes female infertility.The main manifestations of polycystic ovary syndrome are no ovulation, menstrual disorders, female infertility, hair and body obesity.

6, uterine abnormalities

Poor uterine development or deformity such as congenital uterus and naive uterus can affect fertility.In addition, the rear position of the uterine, endometriosis, and uterine cavity adhesion also causes female infertility.Uterine fibroids are common benign tumors, and submucosal fibroids can affect the normal passing and fertilized eggs in the sperm, even after normal pregnancy, premature or abortion is prone to.Generally, in the late pregnancy, the postpartum hemorrhage or premature birth will be caused by abnormal uterine contraction.

Kind tips

Unfortunately, if a woman infertility cannot be blind, don’t be too panic, choose a regular hospital for a comprehensive examination.Before preparing for pregnancy, you must adjust your mentality to avoid excessive mental stress and cannot contact radiation and toxic chemicals.

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