What are the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine cupping?Who is suitable?Who is not suitable?

Modern people attach great importance to health than before, and there are no Chinese medicine health museums on the market.Many friends have tried cupping, but some people are refreshing after pulling out, and some people have worsened the pain after pulling out. What is going on?

At the end of last year, every family was busy with New Year’s Eve, and star Deng Sha went to hot search because of cupping.I thought it was comfortable after work. As a result, the master was not operating properly, and all the skin on the back burned.Therefore, cupping is also risky.

Of course, the benefits of cupping are still a lot, but the master who needs to see the operation is unprofessional.In the diagnostic therapy of Chinese medicine, the coordination of yin and yang and the internal organs of the meridians.Cupping is not an emerging thing that has only become popular now. As early as during the Three Kingdoms period, there were historical records of Huayu’s treatment of bamboo tube cupping.

The circulation of cupping culture so far shows that it still has a large effect on the maintenance of the body.When the body’s blood circulation is uncomfortable, people often feel back pain.Lying down comfortably and finding the acupuncture points of the painful area. Cupping can effectively promote blood blood stasis.

When cupping, the body will feel a clear sense of tightness. The hot air can work at the acupuncture point, and the meridians can be opened.The expansion of capillaries means that blood circulation is not hindered.On the second day of cupping, you will find that your mental spirit is extraordinarily full of energy, and doing things is full of vitality.

Female friends are the keen fans of cupping, which to a large extent to eliminate the cold and dampness in the body.In the usual work, we often see a variety of damp flower tea on the tables of female friends.It seems to have become a woman’s health career.

In order to pursue better curative effects, many people choose cupping.Cupping can discharge the water in the meridian acupoint through strong suction.Some women’s skin is black after cupping, because the humidity in the body is too heavy.

Cupping can also regulate the body’s immune function to a certain extent.Some people still have a lot of stasis in their bodies when they have been cured for one year.With negative pressure cupping, the pores will excrete the toxins in the body.After the cupping of these people may leave a part of the dark blood on the skin.

There are so many benefits of cupping, but not everyone is suitable

The elderly do not suggest cupping. Originally, the physical function was going downhill. If cupping at this time, it would likely lead to a decline in immunity.The virus drilled into the pores, and the body will cause various diseases with the help of meridians and blood vessels to find the breeding ground.

People with wounds on their bodies advise you not to rush to cupping.Maybe you think it is just a small wound, but the pressure of cupping will cause greater damage to the wound.After the wound is enlarged, if the toxins and stains that are pulled out are stacked at the wound, it may cause ulcer inflammation.

Pregnant women are also a type of crowds that can not be cupping at will.The baby’s breeding needs to be careful, and the gesture of cupping is mostly lying down.Keeping the same action for a long time will cause discomfort. If the baby moves in the uterus, spasm is prone to occur.And the first task of Baoma who has just become pregnant is to protect the fetus, and cupping is likely to cause major bleeding abortion in pregnant women.

It seems that cupping can promote blood circulation and nourish qi, get rid of dampness and get cold, and excrete toxins, but some people’s constitution is not very suitable for this activity.So don’t say that you should not be popular, regardless of your body.You must also choose a regular health museum before choosing cupping, otherwise there may be hidden dangers.

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