What are the benefits of pregnant women’s swimming?

Can pregnant women swim?In fact, for healthy pregnant women who are pregnant 4 to 8 months, swimming can be said to be the safest and most effective.Don’t think that the body of the pregnant woman cannot swim, not only can pregnant women swim, but there are many benefits of swimming in pregnant women!

The top ten benefits of swimming in pregnant mothers:

1. The heavy pregnancy uterus is supported by water buoyancy, which can reduce the burden on the lumbar muscles and back muscles supporting the pregnancy uterus, thereby relieve or eliminate the symptoms of low back pain often during pregnancy.

2. It can reduce the fetal compression of the fetus, and promote blood flow in the pelvis, eliminate blood stasis, and help prevent constipation, lower limb swelling, and varicose veins.

3. Increase the lung capacity and allow the maternal to hold the breath for a long time during childbirth to shorten the output.

4. Frequent swimming can gradually consume excess calories in the body, thereby preventing pregnancy poisoning.

5. The changes in the posture of pregnant women in the water are conducive to correcting the fetal position and promoting the delivery.

6. During swimming, the whole body muscles participate in activities; coupled with the "massage" of water on the skin and blood vessels, it can promote strong blood circulation, which not only enhances the physique of pregnant women, but also helps fetal development.

7. Swimming can also benefit the benefits of the sunbathing.The ultraviolet rays in the sun not only have a bactericidal effect, but also transform the subcutaneous dehydrogenation cholesterol into vitamin D3. This vitamin can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which is conducive to fetal bone development.

8. It can improve emotions, reduce pregnancy reactions, reduce headaches during pregnancy, and also have a good impact on the development of fetal nervous system.

10. Frequent swimming can also help pregnant women maintain a bodybuilding, especially for the recovery of the body shape after childbirth.

Precautions for swimming

Don’t dive into the water.Diving may cause excessive impact on the abdomen. Avoid squeezing and shaking the abdomen exercise throughout pregnancy;

Don’t jump into the pool down.Diving down to the bottom is easy to enter the vagina, cause infection, and diving at the same time can cause impact on the abdomen.Slowly make your body enter the water.

Someone should be monitored by or shore when swimming.

It should not be too long, and it is advisable to be too tired at the end of exercise.

Please do not wear wet swimsuit sitting around, do not borrow or rent a swimming swimming swimming.Bacteria also like the sun, beach and water, the hotter the more humid, the faster the bacteria breed.If you wear a wet swimsuit to sit around, bacteria can easily invade vaginal reproduction, causing vaginitis.

Precautions after swimming

Be sure to rinse your body, but the steam bath should be prohibited.

Unsolle immediately to prevent vaginitis.

Use chlorampolin eye drops to prevent the eye from infection with the germs.

After swimming, the temperature of the surface of the body has been reduced, so pay attention to keep warm.

The liquid should be supplemented in time after exercise.

If you feel abdominal pain after swimming and find bleeding, you should immediately ask a doctor or a midwife to ask.

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