What are the benefits of lotus seeds to the body?

Summer is the season when lotus seeds are mature. It is the time to eat lotus seeds. According to "Emperor Jing’s Smooth": "Summer in June, the food and drink are the most fresh and fresh.The nourishment of food; the outer river is strong, it is advisable to use it. "The meaning of this means that drinking lotus seed soup in summer is very good for physical health. This article will take you to understand what benefits of lotus seeds.

Lotus seeds are one of the first batch of ingredients in the same source list released by the Ministry of Health.And it is a daily food. Fresh lotus seeds can be eaten raw. Dry lotus seeds can be made into various dishes, snacks, snacks, etc.As a traditional Chinese medicinal material, he also has the skills of nourishing the spleen and relieving diarrhea, nourishing the kidneys, and nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves.The woman’s red leucorrhea.

1. Remove heart fire: Lotus seeds can return to the spleen, kidney, and heart.It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying and reducing fire, especially those suitable for people with too strong heart fire, which can effectively reduce the heart fire, treat the symptoms of sore sores and facial acne.

2. Nourishing the heart and peace of mind: Because lotus seeds can enter the heart, it can play the effect of nourishing the heart and calmness, which can help improve the quality of sleep.It can also help regulate bad emotions, relieve tension, anxiety, and depression. Therefore, for people who often insomnia, dreams and tension, you can eat more lotus seeds in normal times.

3. Reduce blood pressure: Lotus seeds are also a rare custody for patients with hypertension. Eating appropriately every day can help reduce blood pressure and expand peripheral blood vessels, thereby stabilizing blood pressure value.Stroke and cerebral hemorrhage diseases can strengthen heart function.

4. Health care: Lotus seeds are common nutritional products for long -disease, postpartum or elderly physical deficiency.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lotus seeds have the functions of nourishing the heart and nourishing the kidney, Cong Eromi, strengthening the spleen, nourishing the stomach, and nourishing qi.Middle -aged and elderly people, especially brainpower workers, often consume their brains, enhance memory, improve work efficiency, and prevent the occurrence of dementia.

5. When the lotus seeds do not peel, they not only have the effect of nourishing and supplementing, but also have a stronger effect of stopping the essence and stop belt. They can be used for nocturnal sperm sperm, bringing down long or too many diseases.

Although the raw lotus seeds can be eaten, patients should not be eaten blindly, especially patients with bloating and dry stools in the existence. A large number of raw lotus seeds can easily increase constipation and swelling symptoms.Essence

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