What are the benefits of eating fish for pregnant mothers?How to eat is more conducive to your baby’s health?

The nutritional value of fish is very high. Daily eating fish is not only good for the body, but also smarter, but also to become smarter. Pregnant women also eat more fish during pregnancy.Eating catfish can also replenish milk, so what are the benefits of eating fish in pregnancy, how do you eat fish more nutritious?

I think: steaming is the first choice, followed by soup.Steaming is not technical. Today I will teach you how to make a bowl of delicious and nutritious fish soup.You can choose fish, such as fat head fish, black fish, grass carp, catfish, etc.I believe that the housewives do more and see more.Today, let’s talk about the technical focus: It is recommended that you use lards for fried fish. It must be heated in the pan, and then slowly fry the low heat and fry until golden yellow on both sides.Then it is the point that it must be boiled with hot water!After two minutes of fire, the fish soup immediately turned into milk white, add ginger slices, and put some tofu on low heat and simmer for 10 minutes. In this way, the glue substances and protein in the fish can be fully played, making the human body easier to absorb.

What are the benefits of eating fish in pregnancy?

1. Prevent premature birth

Pregnant mothers who often eat fish have premature birth and the possibility of light babies who are lighter than babies who are lighter than those who do not eat fish or rarely eat fish.

2. Help baby’s vision and brain development

Everyone knows that fish can be clear. Pregnant mothers eat fish not only help their health, but also help the baby’s development of good vision.

Fish is rich in DHA, which can not only make the fetal brain develop smarter, but also DHA is a must -have for the fetus to promote brain development. If it is lackingDHA helps the baby’s vision development.

Pay attention to eating fish during pregnancy: parasites

If you are pregnant, you need to be careful of the potential threat to health to health.Try to avoid eating raw fish during pregnancy -they are likely to have some parasites such as worms and worms.The Ma Ma who loves to eat sashimi is to be taboo!

To avoid eating the parasites in sashimi, the best way is to freeze quickly.Both Japanese and Chinese people do not like to eat freezing sashimi for too long, and feel that the thawing process has destroyed the fat and taste of sashimi.There was a news that a gentleman bought fresh fish in the market and made sashimi at home. As a result, the body was not suitable for the hospital because the fish did not be frozen quickly.99%of the parasites on the fish are killed by ultra -low temperature and frozen, and those who eat frozen are actually safer than eating.

Mercury pollution

Whether it is freshwater or sea fish, the most worrying pollution is mercury pollution (more precisely, it is a compound of mercury element -methyl mercury).If the diet of a pregnant woman contains too much mercury, the development of the fetal brain and nervous system will be damaged.

Which fish pregnant women can’t eat it?

The American Food and Drug Administration proposed to avoid eating for pregnant women and women who planned to be pregnant, warnings from food, flagfish, salted fish and square fish, because after these four kinds of mercury entered the pregnant woman, they could destroy the fetal central nervous system and cause the baby to babyLow cognitive ability.Pregnant women try to eat different types of fish. Do not concentrate on one type. Do not worry about the average amount of fish per week. Do not worry about the exception of mercury.

Salted fish contains a large amount of two -base nitritity

Acid salt, the carcinogenicity of this substance is very strong. If pregnant women eat, although the health of pregnant women will not have a great impact, it will increase the chance of suffering from cancer after birth.

It is recommended to eat low -end fish during pregnancy, such as eel, rainbow catfish, salmon, salmon, bamboo pods, sardines, autumn saury, yellow -tailed fish, catfish, catfish, grass carp, sea bass, catfish, catfish, etc.

Therefore, pregnant mothers understand the benefits of eating fish, and try to cook in the most nutritious and healthy way you like. This kind of food is delicious and nutritious. It will help you and your baby’s health.EssenceThe ingredients must also be healthy and safe, which is very important.

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