What are the "blood clots" during menstruation?Maybe many girls have appeared

Introduction: For female friends, their bodies are more complicated than men, especially women have the uterine system. For young female friends, as long as they are not pregnant, they will almost have menstruation once a month.The days of menstruation are what we usually call the menstrual period.

However, in our daily life, some female friends have some bad habits, which leads to more or less problems during menstruation, such as dysmenorrhea, pain, and so on.

If a woman’s long -term dysmenorrhea is needed, then you need to understand the cause of dysmenorrhea early to treat and condition. Otherwise, if this is the case for a long time, it is likely to induce other gynecological diseases and cause the body to become more fragile.

Maybe female friends have experienced such a situation in the usual menstruation, that is, during the process of menstruation, with the outflow of blood, a "blood clot" is flowing out.

When this "blood clot" flows out, many women may be curious. What is this?Is there a problem with your body?


What are the "blood clots" during menstruation?Maybe many girls have appeared

Many women may occur during the menstrual period. This happens mainly because of the endometrium falling off and a blood clump formed by continuous accumulation.It may also be that the blood clot may occur because the blood discharged by menstrual blood is too fast, or even the speed of menstrual blood flow is too fast.

It is not a big problem if occasionally occasionally occurs. After the menstruation is over, the blood clot will disappear naturally, which will not affect your physical health.

However, you should also remind everyone here that if there are a lot of blood clots during menstruation, and accompanied by strong abdominal pain and bloating, try not to ignore this situation.Cause.

If this happens, you must pay more attention in daily life. Whether you are in the menstrual period, you must keep your body warm. Do not eat cold foods for cold and less.


Try not to do these three things during menstruation, don’t ignore one of them, listen to persuasion

extract a tooth

It is not recommended that women who are in menstrual periods are extracted, otherwise it is easy to affect women’s physical health. Tooth extraction during menstruation is likely to occur with bleeding and increased blood.

And it is easy to cause infection, usually dentists do not recommend women to extraction during menstruation.

Bathing, swimming

You can take a bath during menstruation, but it is forbidden to take a bath, swimming, and hot springs.

If you take a bath during menstruation, the bacteria contained in the water will induce infection, forming gynecological diseases such as endometritis, let alone swimming or hot springs.

Excessive anger

Some friends are particularly easy to be angry due to the changes in hormone levels during menstruation, and they cannot control their emotions well. They are often furious because of a trivial matter.

This is very harmful to the body. During the menstrual period, the body’s resistance is weak. Coupled with bleeding, if suddenly angry, the endocrine will change and suddenly amenorrhea.

Conclusion: For a woman, you can pay more attention to your physiological period in your daily life, because the physiological period can better reflect our physical health.I do n’t know if you have discharged blood clots during menstruation?

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